Enuff Z’Nuff Song Sells Online For $3,525


November 28, 2009

Dirty Passion To Open For Faster Pussycat And Enuff Z'NuffIn a recent auction at Songvest.com, Enuff Z’nuff’s hit song “Fly High Michelle” was sold for $3,525. Another of the band’s songs, “Baby Loves You”, was sold for $840.

Enuff Z’nuff vocalist/guitarist Donnie Vie, who penned “Fly High Michelle” and co-wrote “Baby Loves You” with Chip Z’nuff, was selling 25% of the ‘Writer’s Share’ of each of the tracks.

Those ‘in the know’ have long regarded Enuff Z’Nuff as possibly the most underrated power pop band to ever emerge from the US. Heavily influenced by the crunchy pop sound of hit-makers Cheap Trick, Badfinger, and even the very first melodic rock band — The Beatles… soul brothers Donnie Vie and Chip Znuff can count luminaries from David Letterman and Howard Stern to Little Steven as fans.

Still touring 20 years after their much praised debut release, Chip and Donnie are pleased to reward their fans with a piece of their shares to a single from that self titled debut album.

“Fly High Michelle”, a touching rock ballad about the death of one of Donnie’s friends, was the album’s second single. Receiving steady radio airplay and MTV exposure, the song helped elevate the band to near gold status.

To date, the song has appeared on 21 albums worldwide.

In-your-face popcraft that combined metal and melody, “Baby Loves You” was the band’s breakout hit from their sophomore release. Their explosive performance of the song on the Letterman show became legend and the video lives on today via YouTube.

To date, the song has appeared on 9 albums worldwide.

Courtesy of www.sleazeroxx.com and www.songvest.com