Enuff Z’nuff’s Donnie Vie Returns With “Extra Strength”


November 20, 2007

While a lot of artists are doing cover albums, Enuff Z’nuff’s Donnie Vie decided to do something a little different and cover himself. Donnie took one of Enuff Z’nuff’s most loved albums, 1991’s “Strength,” and recorded acoustic and alternate versions of the songs for his new album “Extra Strength”. antiMusic.com is pleased to offer a preview stream of six tracks from “Extra Strength”. They are exclusively streaming “Heaven or Hell,” “Baby Loves You,” “The World is a Gutter,” “Mother’s Eyes,” “It’s No Good” and “Missing You” on their Myspace page at http://www.myspace.com/antimusic

The album will hit stores in the UK next week (Nov 26th) on Cargo Records. For the U.S. fans (and everywhere else) Donnie is offering one new song for digital download every two weeks from his website. The digital release will include alternate versions of “Baby Loves You” and an A Cappella version of “Mother’s Eyes” that are different from the versions on the UK release. Both feature “It’s No Good” from the “Seven” album and the UK version features a cover of the Beatles “In My Life”.

The idea for this project came from the fans. One of the most heavily traded and most requested Enuff Z’nuff bootlegs is a three hour 1993 radio appearance where Donnie and Chip Z’nuff performed dozens of songs acoustically. Known as the Y108 tape for the radio station, it quickly became a fan favorite. Donnie saw some fan postings about the Y108 tape on his fan club message board and decided it might be fun to give fans studio recordings of acoustic versions of some of the songs and he enlisted his friend Tim Tame to help. The idea quickly turned into re-recording a full album and Donnie selected the band’s sophomore effort which earned them a hot artist honor from Rolling Stone when it was released and also ranks at the top among Enuff Z’nuff fans when polled about their favorite albums. Once recording got underway, Donnie’s creative side took over and the album became much more than simply acoustic re-recordings of the album tracks. There are also rumblings that Donnie may give the “Paraphernalia” album the extra treatment next. We invite you to now hear six of the tracks for yourself.

Listen here http://www.myspace.com/antimusic

Heaven or Hell*
Missing You*
In Crowd
Hollywood Ya
The World is a Gutter*
It’s No Good*
In My Life (UK Only)
Baby Loves You (US Only)*
Mother’s Eyes (A Cappela Version is for US Only)*
Long Way To Go
Blue Island
The Way Home
Time To Let You Go
Baby Loves You (electric – UK Only)

*preview available at http://www.myspace.com/antimusic
Official Site: http://www.donnievie.com

Courtesy of www.antimusic.com