Eonian Records Announce Release Dates For Charlemagne, High Noon And More


March 16, 2009


Eonian Records (www.eonianrecords.com) is proud to announce the release of its first four releases: Charlemagne “S/t,” High Noon “No Turning Back,” Gynger Lynn “S/t,” and Pistol Dawn “Conversation Piece.” All four will be available worldwide on March 19th.

To Hollywood and back, these Sunset Strip veterans have owned the legendary stages of The Whiskey, The Troubadour, The Roxy Theater, Coconut Teaszer and the infamous Gazzarri’s. This self-titled release is evidence that the Charlemagne of today has yet to slow down or stop kickin’ ass. Covered by many and ignored by none, they were a part of history in the making, fuel for electricity that never waned and would impact our culture for years to come.

Track Listing: 1. Secret Romeo 2. I Don’t Wanna Lie 3. She’s Only Young 4. So Far Away 5. Is It Ever Easy 6. I’ve Got You 7. Chance Is Calling 8. Last Chance 9. Wait and See 10. I’m Not That Easy 11. I Wish I Knew

Eonian Records Announce Release Date For Charlemagne

HIGH NOON “No Turning Back”
East Coast meets West Coast in 1989 and sparked High Noon, creating an experience of “groove and soul” that hooked the Hollywood scene and rocked the world! “No Turning Back” is THE chronological overview of High Noon, featuring straight ahead gut wrenching tracks produced by Michael Lardie of Great White and mixed by the legendary Michael Wagener (Skid Row, Dokken, & Extreme.)

Track Listing: 1. High Noon 2. Bad Moon Risin’ 3. Rude Boy 4. Don’t Come Running 5. Have My Heart 6. Skatin’ On Thin Ice 7. When the Night Calls 8. Just Like a Woman 9. Who Do You Think You Are? 10. Around Midnight 11. Faith Hope and Love 12. Bed of Lies 13. Weight of the World 14. House of Glass

Eonian Records Announce Release Date For High Noon

GYNGER LYNN “Self-Titled”
Not just another “hair band,” Gynger Lynn rose from the depths of basement rehearsals and took Chicago stages by storm for over a decade; becoming one of the hardest-working and most enduring rock legends the area has ever seen. Gynger Lynn lands hard on both feet here with their debut, self-titled release for Eonian Records. Gynger Lynn is armed with seductive ballads complete with haunting vocals and crying guitars while bringing it all home with their signature sound in “I Love the Lights,” the hard-hitting screaming anthem for a generation of musicians.

Track Listing: 1. Dirty 2. Reasons Why 3. One and Only 4. My, My Lisa 5. Why Is It Over 6. On My Way 7. Tell the World 8. In My Heart 9. Wanna Be Your Lover 10. I Love the Lights 11. Arms Around You 12. Faces 13. Love

Eonian Records Announce Release Date For Gynger Lynn

PISTOL DAWN “Conversation Piece”
Offering up their own brand of high-energy heavy metal sleaze with a wink and no apologies, these touring giants show us why they have shared stages the world over with the likes of Cheap Trick, Enuff Z’Nuff, Dangerous Toys and Lillian Axe. Featuring tracks produced by Chip Z’Nuff, ‘Conversation Piece’ is Pistol Dawn’s confirmation in this new millennium. From the raw-edged title track ‘Conversation Piece,’ to the harmonic intertwining of vocals and guitar showcased in ‘Still Running Wild,’ this compilation of “dirty power pop” songs captures and delivers Pistol Dawn at their loudest and proudest with just a peek at their tender side.

Track Listing: 1. Conversation Piece 2. Message in a Bottle 3. Dreams Come True 4. Be My Girl 5. Hard Way 6. Gone Away 7. Stocks and Blonds 8. Still Running Wild 9. Talk of the Town 10. Wish Upon a Star

Eonian Records Announce Release Date For Pistol Dawn

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