Eric Dover Of Slash’s Snakepit Returns As Sextus


November 12, 2008

Eric Dover of the Legendary Jellyfish and Slash’s Snakepit has returned as Sextus ( The debut release of Sextus “Stranger Than Fiction,” is currently available at iTunes, eMusic, Rhapsody,,, mp3, and groupietunes, among other online locations. The Limited Edition White Vinyl version is available at Drama Pants Records. That version includes a “vinyl only” bonus track along with mp3 downloads.

“Stranger Than Fiction” is essentially 13 tracks, 54 minutes of music, plus a special “CD only” Bonus Song. Master SEXTUS only has one request of you: “Listen as loudly as possible!”

You’ll be able to hear SEXTUS LIVE and on tour, in support of the album, all over the US, South America, Brazil, Europe and Japan in 2008. This is definitely something to be experienced! You know…one of those shows you’ll tell your music friends about, and then dig at them for missing.

Eric Dover has performed with many artists over the years. Including Slash’s Snakepit with GnR guitarist Slash….yeah, that’s him doing the lead vocals on “It’s Five O’Clock Somewhere.” He’s been with Kim Boyce, The Extras with drummer Scott Collier in the mid-1980s, Roger Manning in the group Doverman, Imperial Drag, Alice Cooper’s band for the Brutal Planet tour in 2001, co-credited with Alice Cooper and fellow guitarist Ryan Roxie on most of the tracks of the 2003 album “The Eyes of Alice Cooper,” all before settling into SEXTUS.

“Influenced by the sound of bees.” Is how they describe the emergence of their music. They also claim to be “the first band in history to have recorded the sound of ice melting.” “We like music imbued with Venusian mandalas coated in an ironic slippery situation.” OK…so what does this all mean?

It’s SEXTUS’s (Eric Dover’s) way of expressing how all of SEXTUS’s influences drive the creation of their sound. Influences? Artists, media and musical events like: The Archies, Serge Gainsbourg, Cymbalom, Where the Wild Things Are, Wacky Packages, Russ Meyer, M.A.D Magazine, Tomi Ungerer, Daniel Clowes, Sextus Propertius, Jessco White (The Dancing Outlaw), Hasil Adkins, Berurier Noir, Mason Reese, Unclyclopedia, Genesis, P. Orridge, Rod McKuen, Cruella DeVille (the band), The G.I. Joe PSA parodies on YouTube, the soundtrack to Repo Man, Trio, Clodagh Rogers, Prince (doing his very best Clodagh Rogers impersonation),Marc Bolan, DEVO, J.R. “Bob” Dobbs, Zappa, Beefheart, The Mothers, Bun E. Rabbit, & Daniel from theland of make believe, are all counted as contributing to the creation of SEXTUS music’s overall sound.

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