Eric Stacy Says He Was Never In Gypsy Pistoleros


December 11, 2007

I just need to clear something up because not only have I seen it listed in Gypsy Pistoleros’ My-Space pages, but I just heard it was used in advertisements for their recent U.S, shows as well!

I was asked by someone in the band, I’ll leave out names, to join their band, and not once but over and over and over during a two month period recentely. I gave it some thought for a bit and, even though I felt they had a long way to go before they were ready to even think about taking certain things on, I eventually relented on the condition that they provided me with a few things, one of which was a certain amount of money a week. I wasn’t going to leave my job and family and go out on tour during the holidays for less then what I told them.

It was right after finally agreeing that if they’d pay me a certain amount and a few other things, that I’d help them out. I was also told that if things didn’t work out there would be an immediate retraction to all announcements saying I was working with the band. To make a long story short I was told after a certain member practically begging me to join them, that they couldn’t afford me (believe me too, it wasn’t much money at all, I could have asked for twice as much), and then I assumed they would make their retractions and apologize for letting something slip out that was never confirmed. But to my amazement they haven’t to this day done that. Now the tour’s over and I still see my name associated with their My-Space pages, and it’s become very obvious to me that someone used my name to help them get that tour in the first place!!

Anyways, what comes around goes around. Never got an apology, and now their tour has miserably fallen apart. I just think it’s time people know that I was NEVER a part of Gypsy Pistoleros, nor will I ever be a part of that band! And all those flyers and posters that I recentely found out were being put up for their recent tour containing my name, were all a fraud, and my name was used illegally, without permission!! It’s too bad what seemed like decent people would lower themselves to these cheap ways of getting tours and attention.

I felt something finally had too be said since it’s still going on and they haven’t tried to clear it up or tell people the truth, they probably will now that I’ve wrote this and their tour is over.

Well, now you know the truth.

Happy Holidays, Eric Stacy

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