Erik Grönwall provides some words of wisdom while outlining some of his life’s successes and failures

Erik Grönwall provides some words of wisdom while outlining some of his life’s successes and failures

New Skid Row lead vocalist Erik Grönwall got a new lease on life when he beat cancer less than a year ago. Most people will know some of Grönwall‘s successes in the music business including winning Swedish Idol in 2009, fronting H.E.A.T for almost a decade, taking part in the Grammy nominated musical Jesus Christ Superstar and currently as the lead vocalist for Skid Row.

Grönwall just posted a message on his Facebook page earlier today where he outlines that he is no overnight sensation and that he has experienced quite a few failures to reach where he is currently at. The singer’s Facebook post indicates:

“I did my first public performance in 1994 at my mom’s birthday party. I started playing the guitar around 1998. I started writing songs in 2003. They sucked.

I started my first band in 2004. Wanted to conquer the world. That didn’t happen. I started another band in 2007… I think I was fired from that band.

I auditioned for Idol in 2007, didn’t make it through the second audition. I got the lead in the Queen musical We Will Rock You in high school. Tried different jobs after graduating, I was never a good employee. Started working as a karaoke host in 2008. Broke. Couldn’t pay rent. Tried to make it as an artist. Auditioned 3 times in a row to get a job as an entertainer/ waiter at Wallmans. Never got the job.

I auditioned for Idol again in 2009 and won that same year.

I did my first solo tour in 2010. Thought I had the whole music business figured out and who I was as an artist. I was wrong. I became the frontman of H.e.a.t that same year. Hustled.

I got the part as Simon the zealot in the @andrewlloydwebber and Tim Rice musical Jesus Christ Superstar. Which was aired live on @nbc with millions of viewers. It was later nominated for a Grammy. ⠀

In 2020 I decided to leave Heat to try new things in life.⠀

In 2021 I was diagnosed with leukaemia. Did a bone marrow transplantation August 2021. Promised myself to sing the rest of my life if I made it out of the hospital alive.⠀

In 2022 I became the lead singer of one of my favourite bands of all time @officialskidrow Did my first show with the band in Vegas together with @scorpions 7 months after my transplantation. ⠀

A few reflections: ⠀

1. Health first. ⠀

2. Don’t take anything for granted. ⠀

3. Fuck the illusion called over night success. Work hard and smart. ⠀

4. Life will be good, life will be bad, life is not fair. Enjoy the good but prepare for the bad when it’s easy.⠀

5. Everything in life is temporary. Enjoy it while you can. You’re not getting out of here alive. And therein lies the value.⠀

6. How you spend your time will be one of the most important decisions in your life. Time is more important than money. Every time I’ve chosen money over passion I’ve always ended up poor and less happy.”