Erotic Psycho to do funding campaign for new album ‘Lost Boyz’ in 2017

Erotic Psycho to do funding campaign for new album ‘Lost Boyz’ in 2017

Spanish rockers Erotic Psycho have announced in a video (see below) that they will be doing a 40 day crowd funding campaign starting on March 24, 2017 for their upcoming new album entitled Lost Boyz.

Sleaze Roxx stated the following in one of its two reviews for Erotic Psycho‘s Sex You Up EP released back in November 2015: “If you’re looking for that old school late ’80s / early ’90s sleaze glam-ish sound, look no further than Spanish sleaze rockers Erotic Psycho. They definitely deliver the sleazy sounds that will likely remind you of early Pretty Boy Floyd amongst others. There really is not much to dislike with respect to the four faster tracks on Erotic Psycho‘s debut five-song EP Sex You Up. They all seem to have that familiar late ’80s sound, which is a great thing.”

In Sleaze Roxx‘s other review of the Sex You Up EP, it states: “This is sleaze. Some of this is so much sleaze that you’ll need to take a shower after listening to a few of the tracks on Sex You Up. If you like your rock and roll fun and x-rated, then Erotic Psycho might be just what you’re looking for. The band definitely takes a page from the late ’80s and early ’90s hard core glam scene and does so unapologetically. Drawing from influences such as Faster Pussycat and Pretty Boy Floyd (intentionally or not there seems to be a nod to Pretty Boy Floyd with their lyrics ‘Four electric boys gonna make some noise’ on their 2014 debut video “Lost Boyz”) while maintaining a step past Floyd’s bubblegum pop element. Lead singer Nando Saints has the same soft tenor essence as Steve “Sex” Summers and Taime Down as well.”

Erotic Psycho‘s campaign video for upcoming new album Lost Boyz:

Erotic Psycho – Campaña Verkami “The Lost Boyz” (2017)

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