Erotic Psycho’s new album ‘The Lost Boyz’ available for streaming

Erotic Psycho’s new album ‘The Lost Boyz’ available for streaming

Spanish sleaze rockers Erotic Psycho have made their new studio album The Lost Boyz available for streaming.

Track List for The Lost Boyz:
01. Mainstream Whore
02. Lost Boyz
03. Hot Gun Killer
04. The Only Way Is Down
05. Sweet Suicide
06. Squirt Baby Squirt
07. Stinky Boy Blues
08. We’ll Go Wild
9. Suite in Hell
10. Rock ‘n’ Roll Is Not

Sleaze Roxx stated the following in one of its two reviews of Erotic Psycho‘s previous EP Sex You Up: “If you’re looking for that old school late ’80s / early ’90s sleaze glam-ish sound, look no further than Spanish sleaze rockers Erotic Psycho. They definitely deliver the sleazy sounds that will likely remind you of early Pretty Boy Floyd amongst others. There really is not much to dislike with respect to the four faster tracks on Erotic Psycho‘s debut five-song EP Sex You Up. They all seem to have that familiar late ’80s sound, which is a great thing.

Erotic Psycho‘s The Lost Boyz album:

Erotic Psycho – The Lost Boyz (Full Album)

Artist: Erotic PsychoAlbum: The Lost BoyzGenre: Hard Rock/SleazyYear: 2018Tracklist:00:00 – Mainstream Whore04:57 – Lost Boyz08:47- Hot Gun Killer12:03 – The…