Erotic Suicide Members Resurface In theSyndikut


May 13, 2008

On their debut full length album,’Generation Y Me’, Oklahoma City’s theSyndikut deliver a power popmasterpiece that crosses the likes of Cheap Trick, Hedley and TheMarvelous 3 (Butch Walker even gets a namecheck on “Live My Life”).

The band was formed in 2006 by three animated characters going by thenames The Boliep, Pierce and Smackey (aka Billy Stevens, Mike Pierce andKyle St. Clair from OKC glam kings Erotic Suicide), the goal was “to write’hit songs’ and nothing but”, says The Boliep. “By ‘hit songs’ I meancatchy as fuck, in your face, over the top melodic pop songs. If theyactually become hits then all the better! My writing is heavilyinfluenced by Butch Walker in his M3 and debut solo album period so if youlike that you’ll probably like us.”

Not historically known for being a rock hotbed Oklahoma has exploded inrecent years with the likes of the All American Rejects and Hinder andtheSyndikut look set to keep things rolling with ‘;Generation Y Me.’Songs such as “The Other Side”, “Soundtrack Of Your Life”, first single”Innernet Luvin” and the title track all provide an escape from everydaylife as well as a bit of lighthearted humour and, of course, theundeniable songwriting.

‘Generation Y Me’ is out now and available on iTunes and other downloadsites through WTO Records / Zero Music Group.

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