Europe band members don’t care about their past and getting closer to their roots with last 3 albums

Europe band members don’t care about their past and getting closer to their roots with last 3 albums

Europe bassist Jon Leven was recently interviewed by Headbangers Lifestyle and spoke about the band’s change in musical direction including their latest studio album Walk The Earth.

When advised that you can pretty much hear where Europe are coming from with their The Final Countdown – 30th Anniversary Show DVD and their Walk The Earth studio album, Leven stated: “I think pretty much for the last few albums from ‘Bag Of Bones’, then ‘War Of Kings’ and now this one ‘Walk The Earth’ I think we really gone back to our roots. We are really digging into the music we grew up with, the music that made us want to make music, made us want to become musicians.”

In terms of whether the music on Walk The Earth is what Europe always wanted to sound like, Leven advised: “It’s getting close. We are proud of this album. In two years, when we record the next album, hopefully we think that album is even better. As long as we feel that every album we make is a progress we are heading in the right direction.”

With respect to Europe getting better with age, Leven stated: “Haha, I heard that comparison before. We still feel that we are progressing. We’re all in our fifties and it is weird. A lot of bands from our era in the 80s are trying to make the same music like they did before or make it better, but not many bands succeed to become better. I think the key for us has been that we don’t care about the past. That was something we did back then and the stuff we’re doing now is now. We never sit down and say maybe we should sound a bit more like on ‘The Final Countdown’ album. I think that’s the problem with a lot of bands, they are trying to do something they have done before and you can’t do that. The time has changed, you have changed, you’ve grown, you’re not the same person anymore as when you were 25.”

You can read the rest of the interview with Leven at Headbangers Lifestyle.

Sleaze Roxx stated the following in its review of Walk The Earth: “Europe continue to snub their nose at their past or first half of their history with their latest studio album Walk The Earth. Gone are the magical melodies and sing along choruses. In are the Jon Lord organ filled and Deep Purple influenced more “mature” and complex sounding songs. The only remnants it seems from Europe‘s first half of their career are the still amazing voice from lead vocalist Joey Tempest and the line-up remaining virtually intact with the only exception that Jon Norum has come back and taken over from Kee Marcello.”

Europe‘s “Walk The Earth” video:

Europe – Walk The Earth (Official Video)

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