Europe drummer Ian Haughland’s son Simon passes away

Europe drummer Ian Haughland’s son Simon passes away

Having your child pass away before you is probably one of the most difficult things that a parent can experience and unfortunately, that is the case for Europe‘s drummer Ian Haughland who recently lost his son Simon. This comes after Europe released their eleventh studio album Walk The Earth last month.

The following message was posted on Europe‘s Facebook page earlier today:

“Heartfelt words from our Brother Ian….

There are no words for me to express the depth and darkness of the grief for the loss of my son.

I will therefore instead send my thoughts, love and strength to my two wonderful daughters Jannie and Linnéa, but also share this with all my friends and family…

Life is fragile and volatile, lets not spend our precious time on stupid human traits and behaviours.

Let’s celebrate the memory of Simon with the only eternal thing… LOVE❤️

Our thoughts and love are with you and your family Ian, at this time.”

The following message was posted on Haughland‘s Facebook page yesterday:

“Dear Friends…

It’s with the deepest sadness i tell you this…

My beloved son Simon has very suddenly and very tragically passed away from us.

Ian Haughland

It’s impossible for me to understand and to grasp the cold fact that i’ll never again see his glowing warm eyes, never hear his cheerful chuckles, like when i told him one of my bad jokes, that only him and me were deranged enough to find amusing.

But hardest of all is to realize that i will never again hear him say… ”I Love You dad!”?

Right now i feel like i’m drifting in a boat on an endless cold black ocean, just holding on not to get draged down into the deep.

Still, i feel lucky to have friends and family to share my grief with…

But most of all I’m truly blessed to have my wonderful wife Marie Haugland, that understand me, and lift me up through this emotional rollercoaster.

She is the lighthouse that i’m navigering by on this vast sea of sadness… and also Simon’s words that echoes from far beyond the horizon…

”It will all be ok, because you know i’ll always love you dad!”

Until we meet again, rest in peace Simon my son


Sleaze Roxx expresses its deepest condolences to Ian Haughland and his family. R.I.P. Simon Haughland.

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