Europe’s Ian Haugland plays one gig as Thin Lizzy’s drummer

Photo by Stefan Ahr

Europe’s Ian Haugland plays one gig as Thin Lizzy’s drummer

Europe drummer Ian Haugland appeared as the drummer for the legendary Thin Lizzy at the Skogsröjet Festival at Skogsröjet, Rejmyre, Sweden on August 6, 2016. Aerosmith bassist Tom Hamilton was also part of the line-up that included guitarists Scott Gorham and Damon Johnson, lead vocalist Ricky Warwick and keyboard player Darren Wharton.

Ian Haugland photo

Photo by Stefan Ahr

Haugland posted the following message on his Facebook page as a musician on August 7, 2016:

“Hey friends✌?️

So now it’s done, yesterday i went onstage as the drummer of Thin Lizzy at the Skogsröjet festival!

We basically had one rehearsal before the show, so of cause i was a wee bit nervous!

Even thou i’ve been listening to all these songs since i was a teenager, and know them inside out, it’s still a totally different thing to “step inside” the music and become a vivid part of it.

The first part of the show i felt like i was in a different universe, it was simply an unreal feeling! I had memory flashbacks from 1977 when i was a thirteen years old boy, and saw Thin Lizzy in Sweden for the first time.

If someone would have said back then “boy… in 40 years you gonna play drums with this band” i would have laughed myself to death, now it was actually happening!

As the show went on i got more relaxed and felt like i was “in the music”

Unfortunately it was over too fast as all good things usually are, but from now on i can stand straight and say that i’m part of the Thin Lizzy history… A true bucketlist moment!???

Here are some pics from the show taken by my good friend Stefan Ahr

Thin Lizzy playing “Whiskey In The Jar” live at  the Skogsröjet Festival in Sweden on August 6, 2016:

Thin Lizzy (Anniversery Shows) – Whiskey In The Jar (Live at Skogsröjet, Sweden 6/8 – 2016)

A video of Thin Lizzy (Anniversary Shows) performing “Whiskey In The Jar”, live at Skogsröjet, Rejmyre, Sweden on August 6th 2016.