Europe release video for “The Siege”

Europe release video for “The Siege”

After the video for the title track of their latest studio album Walk The Earth, Europe have released a video for their track “The Siege.”

Sleaze Roxx stated the following in its review of Walk The Earth: “There are only a handful of tracks that are really worth listening to on Walk The Earth consisting of the title track, the peppier and more melodic “GTO” and the closest sounding song to older Europe material — “Whenever You’re Ready.” Funny enough, out of the first five songs [including “The Siege”], only the title track is worth listening to with the four others really lacking in melodies and bordering on quite dull. It’s not often that an album is a lot stronger during its second half but that’s exactly the case for Walk The Earth with songs seven to ten seemingly rocking a little more and laying off on the keyboards/Hammond organ dominance.

Now before you think that I am just bashing Europe, I must emphasize that they have come up with some good to great stuff since reuniting back in 2003 including Start From The Dark, Secret Society and especially Last Look At Eden. Bag Of Bones was alright but it’s really with War Of Kings that Europe started to stray a little too far and they have taken it unfortunately even further with Walk The Earth. Overall, Walk The Earth represents a second disappointing album in a row from Europe. Hopefully, they’ll decide one day to go back to their ’80s glory sound or at least get back to songs in the vein of Last Look At Eden.

Europe‘s “The Siege” video:

EUROPE – The Siege (Official Video)

The official video for ‘The Siege’ from the current album “Walk The Earth”, buy it here: the anthemic sound of the opening trac…