Europe’s album ‘The Final Countdown’ reissued with six bonus tracks via Rock Candy Records

Europe’s album ‘The Final Countdown’ reissued with six bonus tracks via Rock Candy Records

Swedish hard rockers Europe‘s breakthrough album The Final Countdown has been reissued with six bonus tracks via Rock Candy Records. This is the second time that The Final Countdown gets reissued as back in 2001, Sony released a remastered version of the album with expanded liner notes and three bonus live tracks consisting of “The Final Countdown”, “Danger On The Track” and “Carrie” taken from the Final Countdown World Tour home video that was taped at the Hammersmith Odeon in London, England in 1987.

Track List for reissued The Final Countdown:
01. The Final Countdown
02. Rock The Night
03. Carrie
04. Danger On The Track
05. Ninja
06. Cherokee
07. Time Has Come
08. Heart of Stone
09. On The Loose
10. Chaser
Bonus Tracks:
11. The Final Countdown (live)
12. Danger On The Track (live)
13. Carrie (live)
14. Seven Doors Hotel (1986 version)
15. Rock The Night (B-side remix)
16. On Broken Wings (B-side)

Rock Candy Records‘ website indicates in part:

“The enormous success of ‘The Final Countdown’ single and album, undoubtedly took the world by surprise. Who among us would have imagined that an, up until then, obscure Swedish hard rock band would have the reach and good fortune to elevate their profile to international superstar status so easily. It was a turn of events that reinforces the notion that anything can be possible as long as the stars are in alignment and the songs are undeniable. Europe was formed during the late 70s, initially under the name of Force, before they scored a record deal with CBS and switched their name to Europe. They had recorded, as Europe, two well received albums in their native Sweden but were then taken under the wing of CBS in New York who encouraged the band to pull out all the stops for their third album. It was, in effect, a Cinderella story (albeit a seven year overnight success) and they grasped the opportunity to craft one of the greatest melodic hard rock albums of the ‘80s.

On release, the record faced slow progress but gradually the title track started to gain traction across the globe, hitting the top spot in several territories, selling over three million copies of the album in the USA alone. Produced by Kevin Elson (Journey, Mr Big) and issued in March 1986, the album contains a concise and extremely well written selection of tracks, including the rousing ‘Rock The Night’, ‘Cherokee’, ‘On The Loose’, and the glorious ballad ‘Carrie’. Of course, it’s the indelible mark left by the title track that the album will be best remembered for. Look out too for some searing guitar work from John Norum.

Special Deluxe Collector’s Edition. Fully Remastered Audio, 6 Bonus tracks, 16 page full colour booklet, 3,500 word essay, new interview and enhanced artwork.”

Europe‘s “Rock The Night” video:

Europe – Rock the Night

Europe’s official music video for ‘Rock The Night’. Click to listen to Europe on Spotify: featured on 1982-199…