Evolution Eden release video for track “Beautiful Disaster” from upcoming album ‘Audio Therapy’

Evolution Eden release video for track “Beautiful Disaster” from upcoming album ‘Audio Therapy’

California rockers Evolution Eden consisting of lead vocalist and lead guitarist Brandon Owen, lead vocalist and guitarist Mike “Pap” Pappas, bassist Mike McShane and drummer Brian Powell have released a video for their track “Beautiful Disaster” from their upcoming studio album Audio Therapy, which will be available via Hair Band Heaven‘s Ravager Records on March 20, 2020. You can pre-order Audio Therapy on vinyl and/or CD via Ravager Records.

In a recent interview with Hair Band Heaven (with slight edits), Evolution Eden indicated as follows about their upcoming album: “Audio Therapy is our 5th album and we’re really proud of it. We believe it is easily our best work to date. As always, we wrote more songs than we could include as we try to share only our very best with the world. Sometimes that’s hard to do but we think the 10 tracks on the vinyl release are really solid as well as the four additional tracks that will be on the CD release. Some people ask who we sound like and we’re not sure we could pinpoint which artist or band that would be. On occasion we’ve been told that we have a sound a bit like KISS, Def Leppard or Bryan Adams. That makes sense as we are certainly influenced by those bands but we’ve got tons of other influences that get weaved into our songs — Butch Walker, Collective Soul and Bowling for Soup to name a few. The listener can expect a well thought out track order that will give you a sonic journey, no filler songs. Straight up rockers mixed with acoustic based ballads accompanied by the occasional synth has been our recipe. This most recent release really encompasses (reinforces?) that.”

In terms of the two new Evolution Eden members Mike McShane (bass) and Brian Powell (drums), Evolution Eden stated: “After 13 years with the same four band members, in May of 2018, the band [members] had decided to go our separate ways. There were tensions within the band that could not be resolved and the band had gone as far as that line-up could go.  Everyone is still friendly and we parted on good terms and wish those guys much success. But a few months later, Pap and Brandon reconnected and began writing this current record with the intent of starting a new project. The more we wrote, it just sounded too much like Evolution Eden, which made sense because we were the songwriters in the band. So we asked the other guys for their blessing to let us continue as Evolution Eden and they were happy to let us give it a go. McShane is a long time friend of the band and was really interested in joining when the opportunity arose. He brings an energy and excitement to the band that is contagious. He really knows how to play for the song, picks up the song structure quickly, and complements the drums so well. Brian is a veteran of the Bay Area scene and after playing with quite a few other drummers we knew we had the right guy. His background is more hard rock and metal, so he brings a heaviness and power that was not there before. I think he gives us a much needed edge.”

You can read the rest of the interview with Evolution Eden at Hair Band Heaven‘s website.

Evolution Eden‘s “Beautiful Disaster” video (from upcoming Audio Therapy album):

Evolution Eden – Beautiful Disaster Official Lyric Video

“Beautiful Disaster” the latest single/video from Evolution Eden. Taken from the new album “Audio Therapy”.Evolution Eden has managed to create a lethal cock…