Ex-Accept singer David Reece releases video for new track “Metal Voice”

Ex-Accept singer David Reece releases video for new track “Metal Voice”

Former Accept, Bangalore Choir, Gypsy Rose, Tango Down and Bonfire frontman David Reece has released a video for his new single “Metal Voice” from his upcoming solo album Cacophony of Souls, which will be available via El Puerto Records on March 13, 2020.

Track List for Cacophony of Souls:
01. Chasing The Shadows
02. Blood On Our Hands
03. Judgement Day
04. Collective Anaesthesia
05. Cacophony of Souls
06. Another Life Another Time
07. Metal Voice
08. Over And Over
09. Back in The Days
10. A Perfect World
11. Bleed
12. No Disguise

In an interview with Jimmy Kay of Canada’s The Metal Voice, Reece indicated the following about the musical direction of his new solo album Cacophony of Souls (with slight edits): “I did a lot of studying on that U.D.O. tour, when you see U.D.O. live there are song structures. tempos, certain choruses, things that they say that click with the audience. So I would make an effort to watch the U.D.O. band every night, just to absorb what was happening. My last album Resilient Heart did not have that punch, the album had more of a blues feel to it. And watching U.D.O. every night I wanted to get that vibe on my new album. The new album is a colourful album and it has a metal punch that was missing last time around.”

David Reece‘s “Metal Voice” single (from upcoming Cacophony of Souls album):


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