Ex-Alice Cooper guitarist Kane Roberts to release solo album in 2017 via Frontiers

Ex-Alice Cooper guitarist Kane Roberts to release solo album in 2017 via Frontiers

Frontiers Music Srl has announced that former Alice Cooper guitarist Kane Roberts will be releasing a new solo album under its label sometime in 2017.

Frontiers Music Srl‘s press release via Facebook states:

“…Frontiers Music Srl is pleased to announce the signing of Kane Roberts to the label for the release of his next solo album, sometime in 2017.

Kane says, “[o]nce you strap on a guitar and make the hard coded decision to play music in the face of everything you know and don’t know, you find that “the life” (of a musician) has its way with you no matter what and WILL tear you up if you try and wander too far away. I may have stepped into other enterprises and projects, but I was never far from the jet stream that I was lucky enough to have been a part of in the 80s and 90s. Now, because of the new songs inside of me, my guitar and the fans I’m in contact with, I know the creative fire will burn me down if I don’t step back inside the flames. I believe the people at Frontiers Music Srl also feel that creative heat, the need to be an integral part of the music industry (their output is resoundingly prolific) and I don’t know of a better place for me to record and release my new album.

Over the last few years the songs, the messages, and the fans have been burning a hole on my insides. This new album has been gearing up for a while and the songs and messages I’ll be forging will emerge from the fire.

Sorry it took me so long, all kinds of life happened that will definitely find it’s way onto the record and yeah, I’m gonna hit this one hard.”

Kane has recorded a total of four solo albums so far (also including the Phoenix Down project released on Frontiers in the late 90’s). Kane’s name and abilities first came to prominence on Alice Cooper’s “Constrictor” album, which was soon followed by his self-titled debut solo album in 1987. More albums and tours with Alice followed, making Kane a well known face in the business especially for his guitar skills, but also for his body-builder image and his now iconic machine-gun guitar.

As a solo recording artist, he has landed a few Top 40 hits and his varied musical background includes recording, writing and touring with artists such as Rod Stewart, Alice Cooper, Desmond Child, KISS, Diane Warren, Alice in Chains, Berlin, Guns N’ Roses, Garland Jeffries and more. He’s also written or recorded music for films like Light Sleeper, Penelope Spheeris’ Decline of Western Civilization, Friday the 13th IV Jason Lives, John Carpenter’s Prince of Darkness, and more. In 1991, his second solo album, “Saints and Sinners” for Geffen Records included the Top 40 Billboard hit “Does Anybody Really Fall In Love Anymore?”, originally written by Jon Bon Jovi and Richie Sambora.”

Sleaze Roxx stated the following with respect to Roberts‘ self-titled debut album released back in 1987 but reissued in 2012: “Only during the outrageous ’80s could a creature such as Kane Roberts have been spawned. With equal amounts of Hercules and Rambo, the circus-sideshow guitarist helped launch the comeback of Alice Cooper — taking the shock-rocker’s music into full blown heavy metal territory. During this time Roberts tried his hand at a solo career and on his 1987 debut he threw every conceivable cliche against the wall — or through the wall as his physique at the time would indicate — to see what would stick.

With a machinegun guitar in hand, and pecs the size of a small village, Kane Roberts was a spectacle to behold — but behind the outrageous appearance was a talented musician waiting to emerge. And while it wouldn’t be until 1991’s Saints & Sinners album that Roberts‘ abilities would truly shine, his laughable self-titled debut wasn’t a complete failure.”