Ex-Bang Tango guitarist Mark Knight releases lyric video

Ex-Bang Tango guitarist Mark Knight releases lyric video

Ex-Bang Tango guitarist Mark Knight has released a video for the song “Just Go” from his self-titled solo album released back on October 27, 2015.

Mark Knight photoBack in January 2016, Sleaze Roxx interviewed Knight who stated the following about his new album: “This was completely a solo effort and the songs are kind of written from an acoustic singer/songwriter sort of perspective as compared to like a band’s sort of group effort. I kind of had written the songs real sparse. They are more about me than my past records and my own life. Seventy five to eighty percent of the record is just acoustic and my voice you know. So compared to the last two records, I would say that it’s not a band rock record.”

In regard to why the Mark Knight album was so personal to him, Knight advised: “I was going through some big changes in my own life. I went through a divorce and these songs just came out. You know I didn’t try. They just came to me as I was going to my writing class. I started in just writing some personal stuff and I figured “Well, this seems to be working so might as well make the whole record like that concept sort of record.” It just fell together that way.”

Knight‘s first single “Just Go” from his new solo album is among his favorites as he stated to Sleaze Roxx: “I like all of them. Favorites? I like “Do No Harm.” I Like “Whiskey And Stars.” I like “Tell Me Everything.” “Just Go” which is the single and the first track. I like that one a lot. I like them all! I wrote a whole bunch of songs and those are my top eleven that made the record.”

“Just Go” (Lyric Video) – Mark Knight

The lyric video for “Just Go” from Mark Knight’s 2015 self-titled released.CDs available at: http://musicbymarkknight.com/item/cd-mark-knight-by-mark-knight/…