Ex-Black ‘N Blue guitarist Shawn Sonnenschein reveals receiving audition offers w/ some “A” list bands

Photo by Christopher Carroll ROCK Photography

Ex-Black ‘N Blue guitarist Shawn Sonnenschein reveals receiving audition offers w/ some “A” list bands

Former Black ‘N Blue guitarist Shawn Sonnenschein was recently interviewed by Andrew Daly for Vinyl Writer Music.

Sonnenschein was in Black ‘N Blue from 2003 and again from 2008 to 2016. He was let go from Black ‘N Blue sometime following the Monsters of Rock Cruise West that took place in October 2016. Sleaze Roxx interviewed Sonnenschein back in mid-March 2017 and asked him why he wasn’t in Black ‘N Blue anymore to which he replied: “That’s a good question! I honestly do not know.” Sonnenschein added: “I really don’t. After the last California cruise [Monsters of Rock Cruise West from October 1 to 5, 2016], which was kind of a rough one, we came back. I got a phone call from Jaime [St. James]. He told me that I was fired. I was out of the band. I wasn’t going to ruin all the work that he’d done over the years with his position and Larry [Morand] and the Monsters of Rock franchise, and he hung up on me. I had no idea. I know that we had a rough go on that one. I got seasick on one of the shows. Really, the boat was hopping around quite a bit and I had a rough show. I mean I’ve seen videos of it, fine, but I was about ready to puke the whole time [laughs] that I was onstage. It was all over the place. It was terrible but I loved playing the shows and I loved being on the boat.”

Speaking to Vinyl Writer Music, Sonnenschein was asked a similar question to which he replied (with slight edits): “I honestly don’t know what happened? Some say it was because of a girl, and then some say they told the band they could never play another cruise again if I was in the band. You never know what happens sometimes, but the political side of things is like snow in “April” confusing, but Woop [former Black ‘N Blue guitarist Jeff Warner] and I are still very close.”

In terms of what’s next for him and why he’s kept a low profile since Black ‘N Blue, Sonnenschein indicated: “I haven’t kept a low profile by choice! [Laughs]. There have been lots of offers and a couple of audition offers for some “A” list bands, but the pandemic just killed everything in the entertainment industry, so all of that just died right away. I’m just staying ready and prepped when it kicks back in! You’ll see me again, I promise, but I won’t look the same.”

Back in August 2019, it seemed that Sonnenschein might have landed the gig with Autograph to replace Steve Lynch. However, House of Lords guitarist Jimi Bell ended up being the new Autograph guitarist.

You can read the rest of the interview with Shawn Sonnenschein at Vinyl Writer Music‘s website.