Ex-Faster Pussycat guitarist and ex-Cats In Boots guitarist form new band Alley Cats LV

Ex-Faster Pussycat guitarist and ex-Cats In Boots guitarist form new band Alley Cats LV

Former Faster Pussycat and current The Saints of Las Vegas guitarist Brent Muscat, and former Cats In Boots guitarist Takashi O’Hashi have formed a new group called Alley Cats LV, which has already secured six tour stops in Japan from January 14 to 22, 2017.

alley-cats-photoAlley Cats LV‘s Bio on their Facebook page states (with slight edits):

About Alley Cats LV:

Brent Muscat (ex Faster Pussycat) & Takashi O’Hashi (ex Cats In Boots) have teamed up together to create and form the new band “Alley Cats” in Las Vegas, NV.

This is the second coming of East Meets West. Alley Cats is not an overnight story. In fact, it can be said that the Alley Cats got its start way back in the 1980’s during the Sunset Strip’s heyday when rock n’ roll ruled the air waves.

1987 — Brent Muscat, cofounder of Faster Pussycat debuted from Elektra Records with it reaching gold status, and the follow up album hitting platinum status. During that same time, Takashi O’Hashi departed the rapidly successful Japanese hard rock band Seikima II to pursue his new ambition in America and formed Cats In Boots in Los Angeles, CA. Cats In Boots was internationally debuted from EMI USA and released Kicked & Klawed in 1989. During this time frame, both breathed the same LA air and grew up in the harsh Hollywood rock scene together.

Fast forward to year 2010, Takashi O’Hashi met promoter Shion Francois during the 25th year Seikima II anniversary limited reunion tour where they both discussed the idea of “East Meets West Second Coming”.

2013 — Takashi O’Hashi relocated himself again to the U.S., but this time Portland, OR to focus on music projects in America. At the same time, Brent Muscat met Shion Francois of Babel Entertainment, who produced a few of his live shows in Japan.

alley-cats-photo-22015 — Brent Muscat had a session gig at the world famous The Viper Room in Hollywood, CA. For this gig, Brent Muscat invited Takashi O’Hashi as a special guest through Shion Francois to perform on stage together. After more than two decades, the two meet again. That night, a special chemistry between both guitarist ignited. From that moment a promising music project was destined for the near future. Also on stage that evening, was Zach Throne (vocals, bass) & Stephen Mills (drums). Without a single rehearsal, and a brief backstage introduction, the first note they played together was live on stage that night.

May of 2016, Las Vegas, NV — Takashi O’Hashi and Brent Muscat invite Zach Throne to join the Alley Cats project and start writing new material for an upcoming album. Brent Muscat and Takashi O’Hashi performed their first official Alley Cats live at Lucky Strike, & the Viper Room in Hollywood, CA with special guest Slim Jim Phantom (Stray Cats).

September 2016 — As fate would have it that the four Cats that performed at the Viper Room in 2015, would come together to form the official Alley Cats line up and record the self-produced EP.

alley-cats-photo-3Alley Cats LV are:

TAKASHI O’HASHI — Guitar, vocals. Born in Aichi, Japan. Started his professional career as a guitarist of the group Seikima II in 1985. Relocated to the United States in 1987 and formed a rock band with both Japanese and American members, called Cats In Boots and made its international debut in 1989.

BRENT MUSCAT — Guitar, vocals. Born in California, United States. Started his professional career as the cofounder and guitarist of Faster Pussycat in 1987. Released three albums achieving gold and platinum record sales status.

ZACH THRONE — Vocals, bass. Born in California, United States. Relocated to New York and started getting involved in the New York music scene. In 1990, he started a career in acting to support his music ambitions and landed roles in the popular T.V. series “The Heights” & “Beverly Hills, 90210”.

STEPHEN MILLS — Drums. Born in Pennsylvania, United States. Has recorded and toured with Bullet Boys, Jack Russell’s Great White, & Gene Loves Jezebel.

Executive Producer of Alley Cats: Shion Francois, Babel Entertainment.