Ex-Great White Drummer, “I Will Own The Name Great White Just So I Can Bury It”

Ex-Great White Drummer, “I Will Own The Name Great White Just So I Can Bury It”

June 22, 2010

Ex-Great White Drummer, Metal Sludge has been hearing some interesting rumors regarding the band GREAT WHITE. The website (www.metalsludge.tv) was sent the following message from former GREAT WHITE drummer Gary Holland.

“I am just glad Jack has lived long enough to witness his own ruin because if anyone deserves it, Jack Russell does. I am coming at him with everything and armed with the finest counsel money can buy. The real TRUTH, which Great White Fans are not aware of, will finally be revealed.

Before this is over, I will own the name GREAT WHITE just so I can bury it where it belongs. Stay Tuned…”

Drummer Gary Holland was one of four original members in the 80’s rock band Great White and played with them for four years, until as RadarOnline.com learned exclusively, the band kicked him out and left him virtually homeless over night.

“The band forced me to leave the group and deliberately left me penniless,” Gary tells RadarOnline.com exclusively. “I went from touring with one of the biggest bands of the 80’s to being homeless and had to take a warehouse job at Licorice Pizza, filling orders and packaging MY OWN albums for $4.38 an hour!

“I am a twenty percent equal share-holder in the band and I never gave that up,” Gary said. “After they forced me out of the band they tried to buy me out for $100 by mailing me a check so I never had the benefit of confronting them directly. I tried to initiate some action along the way but it was hard to find someone to represent me and go up against our manager who was also in charge of Guns N’ Roses.”

In the original check obtained by RadarOnline.com, it’s clear that the band tried to buy out Gary for $100 and on the back of the check was written:

“This check is full and fair consideration for the cancellation of Certificate No. 1 for 100 shares of common stock of Great White Productions, Inc., and its negotiation shall be deemed an acceptance of such cancellation, and a waiver by Payee of any and all claims, now known or hereafter discovered, with respect thereto.”

“I’m owed a lot of money. I have a co-write on every song we ever released but still have yet to earn a single dime from any of them,” Gary continued. “I put in four years with the band and was a founding member. The only reason they got off the ground was because I brought all my industry contacts into it.”

Gary has retained legal council and told RadarOnline.com that he’s struggled raising a 14-year-old son as a single father and will be suing because he “just wants what’s owed” to him so he can move on with his “beautiful fiance and soul mate Shane.”

Courtesy of www.sleazeroxx.com and www.metalsludge.tv