Ex-H.E.A.T bandmates Erik Grönwall and Jona Tee join forces to form new power metal band New Horizon

Ex-H.E.A.T bandmates Erik Grönwall and Jona Tee join forces to form new power metal band New Horizon

Former H.E.A.T frontman Erik Grönwall is back with a new band that features his old bandmate / keyboardist Jona Tee. The ex-H.E.A.T bandmates have joined forces to start a new power metal group called New Horizon that will be releasing its debut album via Frontiers Music Srl in 2022.

The following message was posted on Grönwall‘s Facebook page on November 4, 2021 (with slight edits):

“Vocalist Erik Grönwall and songwriter/producer/multi-multi-instrumentalist Jona Tee, former bandmates in H.E.A.T., have announced that they are continuing their musical partnership by unleashing New Horizon, their new power metal brainchild.⠀

The seeds of New Horizon were planted in Jona’s youth given that he grew up listening to (and still loves) Iron Maiden, Helloween, Hammerfall, Manowar, Edguy, and the like. Heavy metal is in his blood and New Horizon is something that is flowing through his veins and extremely close to his heart. He always dreamed of releasing his own power metal anthems one day. When asked about the sound of New Horizon, Jona Tee describes it as “a mix between classic power and heavy metal, with a touch of the 21st century.”⠀

“It felt so natural to continue working together. We have toured together pretty much all over the world and released music together for a decade. Jona is truly like my brother, by blood, and New Horizon will be the catalyst for us to release great metal together and just have fun,” says Grönwall.⠀

The duo are currently wrapping up work on their debut album and more details will be released at a later date, including the first taste of music. ⠀

In the meantime, be sure to follow New Horizon on their newly launched social media channels and be sure to follow Jona and Erik‘s social media for updates as well.”

Grönwall also posted a video on Facebook where he stated (as transcribed by Sleaze Roxx): “Hello everybody. This is Erik Grönwall and I am here to announce today that me and Jona Tee, my partner in crime, one of my best friends. We have decided to start a new band called New Horizon. It’s a heavy metal, power metal band. It pretty much started with Jona wanting to do a power metal album. Just like a side project basically. Something that Jona has always wanted to do and the idea was to have several singers on the album. And then I got to the studio. I had two songs that I was going to record for the album and [laughs] well, if you don’t know our history, Jona and I used to play in a band called H.E.A.T.

Jona is still in the band and I decided to leave the band so when I got to the studio, we just got into old habits. We realized how much fun we have together. He’s kind of like Krang, the brain, and I’m like the big vocalist just walking around [laughs]. So it was a very natural step for us to just continue making music. So we kind of like decided in the studio that I would do the whole album. So, New Horizon — first single “We Unite” is coming out November 29th. We’ve got other singles coming in the beginning of next year. Yeah! Follow us on our social media. We’ll post all the links you need. It’s going to be heavy. It’s going to be a lot of energy. It will be a lot of raw power. We are New Horizon. Thank you for watching.”