Ex-H.E.A.T frontman Erik Grönwall reveals currently hospitalized while battling acute lymphocytic leukemia

Ex-H.E.A.T frontman Erik Grönwall reveals currently hospitalized while battling acute lymphocytic leukemia

Former H.E.A.T frontman Erik Grönwall revealed some surprising news today as the singer has been diagnosed with acute lymphocytic leukemia and he has spent the last 22 days in a hospital in Sweden.

The following message was posted on Grönwall‘s Facebook page earlier today:

“It’s time to let this one out in the open. I will try to make a long story as short as possible.

I am currently spending day 22 at the hospital in Sweden. About a month ago I was full of energy, capable of doing everything I normally do, business as usual.

But then it appeared from nowhere. I started feeling exhausted, I had no energy to perform the simplest tasks and it was like I had run a marathon when I was just literally walking my dog for five minutes. Something wasn’t right. So I took a few blood tests and… fast forward… now it’s the third week of my treatment against acute lymphocytic leukemia (ALL).

In medical terms this means that my bone marrow generates immature blood cells, rather than mature ones.

Now. First and foremost. I am extremely privileged and grateful to live at a day and age where a disease like this is curable. There’s been so much progress made in this field. My body is reacting well to the treatment but it’s a long treatment and it’s going to be the toughest challenge of my life so far, for me and my family. Mentally and physically.

I have thought a lot about how to deal with this – both publicly and privately – and have decided to be completely transparent about it. During the treatment there will be good days and there will be bad days but I think it’s important that we can talk about, share and show our weak sides and bad days as well. After all life isn’t always a super filter fluffy social media world. No Instagram filter can beautify this.

We don’t always get to choose what happens to us, life is a lottery, but we can choose how we react to it. Well… at least do our best to choose how. I am not promising frequent updates but when I do you will be seeing a new side of me if you stick around here. A more transparent side I assume.

If you want to be supportive just focus on HEALTH empowerment. I don’t believe in fighting fire with fire, let’s use water instead. Let’s understand it and cure it.

I won’t be doing any interviews at all at the moment, so kindly respect the privacy of me and my family. The only reliable source of information will come directly from me via my channels, so don’t listen to anything else.

Final note. I am doing well given the circumstances and I’m ready to tackle this challenge the best I can. As you can see in the picture I decided to shave my hair since I want to control the process where I can.


Grönwall was a member of H.E.A.T from 2010 to 2020 and he handled the lead vocals on the group’s last four studio albums, Address The Nation (2012), Tearing Down The Walls (2014), Into The Great Unknown (2017) and H.E.A.T II (2020).

H.E.A.T‘s “Point of No Return” live video (from Live In London album):