Ex-Iron Maiden singer Paul Di’anno announces new band Angels of Chaoz

Ex-Iron Maiden singer Paul Di’anno announces new band Angels of Chaoz

Former Iron Maiden singer Paul Di’anno was recently interviewed by Jimmy Kay of The Metal Voice.

With respect to his current health situation, Di’anno stated: “I have had some problems with my legs over the years, wear and tear jumping around like a loony on stage and my knees started to give out. What happened is the fluid in the right knee started to get infected and went into my chest and I did a couple of shows in the wheel chair I went back to Argentina and did some shows and I had a bit of a fall. By the time I got back to England I went to see the surgeon for my knee, I got home dropped my luggage and then I went off to the hospital, I came back in the afternoon and then I collapsed. I was dying of an abscess basically. I was lucky enough I had my phone with me and I called up the ambulance and they took me off to the hospital and I was there for eight months. When they saw me the doctor said we don’t think you are going to make it through the night, they didn’t tell me that until a couple of days after that. A huge big abscess on my chest in my clavicle eating my bone and breast bone away. The abscess was the size of a rugby ball, it was huge, they shrunk it with about 40 pills a day for eight months in the hospital I couldn’t move. They are saying it’s from the fluid on the knee but it could have been something else I picked up traveling in South America, India like what happened to Steve Grimmett (Grim Reaper).”

“It’s all clear now but the thing is I got to make certain that I do the operation on my knees so it’s all delaying everything. So now I’m trying to get my knees fixed. I have a special designer knee being built for me at the very cheap sum of 86,000 pounds, I got to pay for that and then I found out from my dentist the other day all the pills I am taking is making all my gums shrink and now I’m going to lose all my teeth as well if I’m not carefull. They are going to try and take my right knee out completely towards the next few months obviously the best surgeon in the country he’s booked up with other patients I’ve got to wait for him.They let me out of the hospital after eight months just before Christmas last year and I went into a care home which was a fucking nightmare, the home was where people would go to die, a bunch of 80 and 90 year olds I was the youngest one there and most of them had dementia.”

When asked about why his former band Architects of Chaoz decided to go on without him, Di’anno advised: “I was so sick and they decided that they want to carry on without me and I said that’s ok you can do that. I wrote all the lyrics in Architects of Chaoz and I got the name of the band, so ‘Fuck You.’ So we got a new band now called The Angels of Chaoz, ‘Fuck You.’ I’m a bit too stressed out to write at the moment. I asked the boys in Argentina to start getting a few tracks out to give me something to do,so I can start writing to it, there is a few bits and pieces going on. When we do work we work quickly, I’ve got a lot of lyrical content in me, rest assured, a lot of anger, frustration and being pissed off I’m not going to have a problem with that. Also, I will be going to Russia about Christmas time doing something with an orchestra.”

The singer was asked if he would do an Iron Maiden show with all three Iron Maiden singers on the bill to which he replied: “Yes, if something good would come out of it of course I would, yeah. It would be great to see all the guys again.”

In terms of whether he would ever resurrect his old band Batttlezone, Di’anno stated: “We are in talks at the moment, that’s no secret. Me, Steve Hopgood are up for it. Graham Bath is up for it been trying to get a hold of John Wiggins. He has not been forthcoming at the moment but my old bass player Colin Riggs will be involved as the bass player. It’s still Battlezone but different genres of it.”