Ex-Judas Priest and Trapeze drummer Dave Holland died in Lugo, Spain hospital

Ex-Judas Priest and Trapeze drummer Dave Holland died in Lugo, Spain hospital

More details have been uncovered with respect to the death of former Judas Priest and Trapeze drummer Dave Holland. There were rumours that Holland‘s death was a “hoax” but the Spanish website El Progreso has recently reported that Holland died at the age of 69 in a hospital in Lugo, Spain on January 16, 2018.

El Progreso reports that Holland resided at Lamas de Campos, in the Lugo municipality of A Fonsagrada, in Spain for a number of years and passed away in the University Hospital Lucus Augusti de Lugo in Lugo, Spain on January 16, 2018.

Holland had been living in the Ligurian Mountain for years, after being condemned for abusing a minor, spending time in prison in the UK and eventually being released.

The causes of his death are unknown but his remains have been cremated. Holland‘s presence in the province of Lugo was known by very few. The neighbors who did know him commented that he was a very friendly and correct person.

Holland played on arguably Judas Priest‘s most well known and biggest selling albums including British Steel (1980), Screaming For Vengeance (1982), Defenders Of The Faith (1984) and Turbo (1986).

You can obtain more details about Holland‘s music career, discography and imprisonment at Sleaze Roxx.

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