Ex-King Lizard guitarist Niro Knox starts Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for solo album

Ex-King Lizard guitarist Niro Knox starts Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for solo album

Former King Lizard and KilliT guitarist Niro Knox has started a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds to complete his debut solo album.

Knox used to be part of the group King Lizard, which released two albums, Viva La Decadence (2010) and A Nightmare Livin’ The Dream (2012), both of which charted on Sleaze Roxx’s Top Ten Albums of the Year with a #4 finish in 2010 and #8 in 2012.

Knox‘s Kickstarter campaign indicates in part (with slight edits):

About Me

I have been a Rocker since I can remember seeing Guns N’ Roses in 92′ on Live TV.

If you share that notion or in any way enjoyed the late mid 80s to mid 90s rock music, please keep reading as this will certainly be a worthy investment.

Here are 2 unfinished songs from the album I am working on to give you a sense of my writing.

Demos From The New Album

After living 19 years in North London and playing in many local rock acts, I decided to gather some of my favorite musicians and record an album first time as a singer.

(Last band I was in is KilliT )

I was trained by Rasmus Bon Andersen, the singer from the legendary Diamond Head.

My Vision

I feel this is the time for me to bring out the rock that I never had a chance to by always being just a guitarist.

As a frontman in the covers band Holloway Hell, I discovered my seasoned chemistry with the audience and it started to feel like I don’t want to go back.

This is an organic album – No modern sound replacement, auto-tuning and anything inauthentic – this will require using a large studio to get a big drum sound and and old-school mixing engineer (which are never cheap).

I actually started working on this 6 months ago, on and off and now, its all written and at the production phase, I realize I will need more money to complete this the way this project deserves to be completed.

The Plan

Once funding is complete, the phases are:

(🙏 Please check out the rewards section where I am offering exclusive membership to my WhatsApp updates, where I will share steps from the Journey)

  • 🥁 Drums – The money will buy me more time in a high-standard facility (Abbey Road or Fiction subject to availability) to get all the drums recorded.  Estimated 4 days
  • 🎸🎸🎙Bass Guitars and Vocals production – a more affordable studio in North London. Estimated 3 weeks
  • Mixing – This is usually a longer process as a lot of decisions have to be made about how certain things are presented into the space within the audio spectrum of each track. Estimated 10 days
  • Mastering – Mastering a record is super important, you can read here why. This will be done by the legendary Adrian Emsley
  • Merch production – Once the audio stems are ready, CDs, Posters and Vinyl would be produced. Estimated 2 weeks (according to my manufacturer)
  • Fulfilment – Fulfilment will be all done by myself personally and would take no more than 6 days to ship everything to everyone.”