Ex-Quiet Riot bassist Kelly Garni recalls his unsuccessful drunken plan to kill bandmate Kevin DuBrow

Ex-Quiet Riot bassist Kelly Garni recalls his unsuccessful drunken plan to kill bandmate Kevin DuBrow

Former Quiet Riot co-founder and bassist Kelly Garni was interviewed by Jimmy Kay of Canada’s The Metal Voice and the second part of the interview was just recently released. Garni has written a book titled Angels in Dirty Faces, which talks about his time in Quiet Riot. The bassist spoke to The Metal Voice about a number of topics including the myth that he tried to kill guitarist Randy Rhoads with a gun and his unsuccessful drunken plan to kill frontman Kevin DuBrow.

Garni advised (with slight edits): “The only thing out there that I would debunk or argue with is people say I tried to kill Randy Rhoads with a gun. People call me out on that one all the time and I almost got into a fist fight with Ozzy about it. Nothing could be further from the truth. First of all when it comes to Randy, everyone thinks he was so angelic, well we used to go out and shoot guns all the time. One time the S.W.A.T. team was called at my house because we were firing guns off in my backyard.

What happened was I had robbed a bar the night before and stolen all their liquor and I was very drunk. That’s why Randy was at my house because we were drinking and we were drinking for about six hours straight. Randy and I had an argument over whether we should kick out Kevin Dubrow from Quiet Riot. People say that during that fight I tried to shoot Randy Rhoads and that is not true. I fired a bullet through the ceiling [in the book, Garni claims 10 feet above Randy‘s head eight feet in front of him]. The bullet went nowhere near Randy Rhoads and in no way would I ever try to kill my best friend. And yes, a pretty good fist fight happened, a rather violent one. Randy left my house bleeding pretty badly and so did I. But that is what friends and brothers do is they roll around the ground, beat each other up and that’s all it was. People have made a big deal about a fight between two best friends who are brothers and have construed it in a completely negative manner then it actually was. In no way did I try to kill Randy Rhoads, in no way.

Because of this fight I was thrown out of Quiet Riot. I was kicked out of Quiet Riot because of this. I have no problems saying that. Once I started to pull a gun out, the management said he is out of control which I agree to that decision that they made and have no issues with. I deserved to get fired from Quiet Riot. Totally deserved it. But I will say Randy called me up after I got out of jail from the incident the next day and he was laughing cause I got thrown in jail. How I got thrown in jail was, I got in my car and I was very angry and I knew that Kevin was down at the Record Plant recording vocals for Quiet Riot 2. Like I said, the fight was over kicking Kevin out of the band and we got into a mix about it, the gun was fired and we got into a fist fight. I probably got into a dozen fist fights with Randy over the years. That’s how brothers are you fight, you cry, you say you are sorry and then you do it again. I pulled out a gun to make my point, to make a big loud noise which was sort of my way of saying everyone just shut up. So after Randy left my house with the aid of a friend who was sitting right there who will back up everything I am saying — Kim McNair a good friend of Randy‘s and mine.

I was very drunk and after Randy left, I said I am going to fix this deal and I am going to blow Kevin‘s ass away. I got in my car and I tried to drive clear over to Hollywood which was 25-30 miles away and I was going to kill Kevin. That was my big drunken plan and as soon as I got in my car and started driving I realized I couldn’t drive. I didn’t have the ability and I was like well there goes that plan, well I’m going to have to go home. So in order to park in front of my house, I had to go around the block and I had to go into a major intersection and when I made that turn, I blew the turn and there was a cop car and they pulled me over in front of my house. I had the gun in the shoulder holster and they had me get out of the car. Next thing I know, I was on the ground and then I woke up in jail with my face covered in blood. I was charged with DUI and felony possession for a concealed weapon. I know what I did, I owned up to it. I am not going to lie about it and I’m not going to try and sugar coat it. There is no way to sugar coat it. I fucked up.”

You can read the rest of the transcribed portions of part 2 of the interview with Kelly Garni at The Metal Voice‘s website and listen to the interview below.

Randy Rhoads Gun Shooting incident- Interview Ex-Quiet Riot Kelly Garni- Part 2

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