Ex-Tyketto guitarist Brooke St. James starts GoFundMe page after Covid related hospitalization

Ex-Tyketto guitarist Brooke St. James starts GoFundMe page after Covid related hospitalization

Former Tyketto guitarist Brooke St. James, also known as David Rundall, is the latest ‘rock star’ to have to battle against the, at times, deadly Covid virus. It appears that St. James almost lost his life in the process as detailed in his GoFundMe campaign write up below. So far as of the date and time of the release of this news article, the GoFundMe campaign has raised $11,050 US out of the $35,000 US goal.

St. James was in Tyketto from 1987 to 1996, 2004, 2007 and 2011 to 2014, and he played on the studio albums, Don’t Come Easy (1991), Strength In Numbers (1994), Shine (1995) and Dig In Deep (2012).

The following message was posted in part on Tyketto‘s Facebook page yesterday (with slight edits):

“We’ve kept this quiet for the past month out of respect for his privacy but after several discussions with the man himself, we wanted to let you know a little bit about the recent events happening to our very own Brooke St. James.

In late September, Brooke contracted Covid 19 Pneumonia and spent the better part of the following month fighting for his life. Those of us who knew did our best to keep in touch every day and offer all the support and love that we could. I’m incredibly relieved to tell you that Brooke is now at home after a month in hospital and recovering in the loving arms of his family. But it is a very long rehabilitation process and, as anyone who is familiar with the American healthcare system knows, a very expensive one. So all of us in Tyketto are asking you to have a look at the gofundme page that has just been set up to help Brooke and his family cope with his situation. On the gofundme page, Brooke has written about his life, past and present as well as his thoughts about his outlook on the future. It’s a great read. If you are at all capable, please help with anything you can. In the meantime, we love you Brookster, heal up and let us hear that guitar ringing out very soon.

Danny, Michael, Jim, Chris, Ged and Greg.”

St. JamesGoFundMe campaign indicates:

“Hello friends!

Brooke St. James here. So many years since I have seen most of you so before we jump into the what, perhaps you could all do with a bit of why and where.. as in (where the hell have you been?)

In the interest of keeping this a relatively simple answer here we go:

I started a family back in 2010 while living and performing in Las Vegas. It didn’t take long to realize that raising kids in “Sin City” wasn’t a very healthy environment for them and quite frankly it didn’t agree with me either.

We relocated to the Midwest, more notably Wisconsin in 2011.

It was at this time that I was working on Dig In Deep. After the completion of that record was when I officially stepped down from Tyketto guitar duties for good enter the brilliant Chris Green.

Family was now priority number one. Being there for my kids was everything to me as I did not have that luxury as a child.

I would continue to write, perform and record music as well as work a full time “straight” job… a humbling experience to be sure but something I have never shrunk from. You do what you gotta do.

In mid late September 2021 my now 17 year old daughter returned home from school ill. Within a few days most everyone in my home was sick. The kids tested positive first, then my wife. Ok, no need to panic.. from what we all knew at that point, we, as relatively healthy individuals should be fine.

The kids bounced back immediately. My wife was sick for about 5-6 days with typical cold symptoms. I, however, after experiencing my first symptoms on September 23, 2021 tested positive on September 24th and began a frighteningly rapid decline.

Unfortunately, this virus affected me very differently than it did my family Thank GOD!

I was hospitalized Oct 4 and finally, by the Grace of God, discharged on Oct 30. During my stay I came very close to death according to my doctors and while I was moved to ICU at one point somehow some way I managed to skirt intubation and ventilator status.

I feel as though I have been given a second chance in this life. Perhaps to correct some of the foolish mistakes of the past. Much is yet to be seen. I do believe this has also served as a swift kick in the Brooke St. James backside of WTF is your music?

It’s truly remarkable how many excuses we can find for the time we allow to pass through our hands with little results when we feel that there’s always tomorrow….You have all been so patient. For that I thank you and vow you WILL have Brooke St. James music in your hands as soon as I can start working in the studio again.

That brings us to here and now. I am currently at home recovering from Covid and double pneumonia. This is a game of patience unfortunately.

Currently I am tethered to an oxygen machine and moving around with the assistance of a walker.

I have every reason to believe things are improving daily although it’s difficult to measure in such small increments.

That said, my wife and I are facing a dilemma unlike any we’ve faced before. Now there is only one income in our home and while we do have some insurance to manage what is surely coming the amount of pressure on my wife is simply overwhelming.

We understand fully that after one month of hospitalization and continued Dr care we are in for a battle to keep our heads above water.

And so it is with this, that I humbly appeal to you my dear music loving friends around the world.

If you can find it in your hearts to contribute anything at all we would be forever and truly grateful.

With Love and Gratitude,

The Brooke St. James Family”