Ex-Wolfmother Members Fall Back Into Doom Buggy


August 8, 2008

Although out of Wolfmother less than a week, former bass player/keyboard player Chris Ross and drummer/vocalist Myles Heskett are said to be upgrading their side-project Doom Buggy into their fully-fledged next band.

The drum and bass section of Wolfmother unveiled Doom Buggy last year with a low-key gig at Sydney’s Hopetoun Hotel one year ago.

The band is a complete departure from the Wolfmother sound, featuring electronic instrumentals closer to a Kraftwerk sound that Wolfmother’s Deep Purple and Black Sabbath influences.

Ross and Heskett have made no comment about their immediate plans just yet but have the new vehicle ready to roll if they choose.

Undercover understands that the decision to split Wolfmother happened a month again but Heskett and Ross were talked into staying until the Splendour gig.

The drummer and bass player were clearly distant from singer Andrew Stockdale at the show last weekend. All three knew before they went on stage that it would be the last ever performance by the original Wolfmother line-up.

Stockdale will keep “the brand” of Wolfmother alive and record the second album with two new players, one of who is a Sydney session musician.

Doom Buggy was also the name of a now defunct Milwaukee band.

Courtesy of undercover.com.au