Ex-Yngwie singer Michael Vescera states Loudness guitarist Akira Takasaki impressed him the most

Ex-Yngwie singer Michael Vescera states Loudness guitarist Akira Takasaki impressed him the most

Former Yngwie Malmsteen and Loudness lead vocalist Michael Vescera was recently interviewed by Andrew Catania of All That Shreds on the occasion of his new album Beyond The Fight with his band Vescera.

All That Shreds pointed out that Vescera has worked with some of the best guitar players out there and the singer was asked if there was one he enjoyed working with the most. Vescera replied: “I’ve been very fortunate to work with so many great players, and they’re all killer in their way. Difficult to pick one, but I would have to say Akira (Loudness) impressed me the most, just a fantastic player!!”

In terms of commenting on the remarks that Malmsteen recently said about his former singers, Vescera replied (with slight additions): “Funny stuff!!!! I know Jeff [Scott Soto], Joe [Lynn Turner], Tim [“Ripper” Owens] and even Mats Levin quite well, all great guys and awesome vocalists!! I’ve moved on from the whole Yngwie thing, and just wish everyone the best!!”

All That Shreds noted that Vescera handled lead vocals on the following albums: Lоudnеѕѕ (Sоldіеr оf Fоrtunе, On thе Prоwl, Lіvе аt thе Budоkаn), Obѕеѕѕіоn (Mаrѕhаll Lаw, Sсаrrеd fоr Lіfе, Mеthоdѕ оf Mаdnеѕѕ, Cаrnіvаl оf Lіеѕ, Ordеr оf Chаоѕ), Yngwіе Mаlmѕtееn (Thе Sеvеnth Sіgn, Mаgnum Oрuѕ), Dr. Sіn (Dr. Sіn II), Rоlаnd Grароw (Kаlеіdоѕсоре), hіѕ bаnd MVP (Mіkе Vеѕсеrа Prоjесt) and Vescera.

You can read the rest of the interview with Vescera at All That Shreds.

Loudness‘ “In The Mirror” video (with Michael Vescera on lead vocals):

LOUDNESS – In the Mirror [official video] (HQ).avi

from the VIDEO LOUDEST DVDLINE-UP:Mike Vescera: VocalsAkira Takasaki: GuitarsMunetaka Higuchi: DrumsMasayoshi Yamashita: BassLYRICS:What’s this in the mir…

Yngwie J. Malmsteen‘s “The Only One” video (with Michael Vescera on lead vocals):

Yngwie J. Malmsteen – The Only One (1995) (Music Video) WIDESCREEN 720p

Taken from “Magnum Opus”, the eighth studio album by guitarist Yngwie J. Malmsteen, released on 17 October 1995.Personnel:Yngwie Malmsteen — Guitar, sitar, …