Extreme to release new studio album in 2017 and to “never break up” again

Extreme to release new studio album in 2017 and to “never break up” again

Extreme frontman Gary Cherone was recently interviewed by Rockin’ Metal Revival and asked what are Extreme‘s plans for 2017 to which he responded (as transcribed by Sleaze Roxx): “We just finished, we just did a South Korean/Japan run a month ago and we’re just focusing on new music. We want to put out new music before we go out next year. We’re already starting to book some festivals in the summer so the band will be out playing but for the individuals, for us, we’re just focusing on putting out a new record. I’d like to give you a date but that’s the plan — getting it out in 2017 and being able to go out and being able to go out and take a lap around the pool, a lap around the world.”

Extreme recently released a CD/DVD entitled Pornograffitti Live 25 / Metal Meltdown via Loud & Proud Records to celebrate the 25th year anniversary of the release of their most successful album Pornograffitti. Cherone was asked if the group played the songs on Pornograffitti differently than back in the summer of 1991: “Yeah. Hmmm. You know, I think that happens over the years with lots of songs that you play throughout you know, your career but with Porno, there were a lot of songs that we had to relearn. I remember pulling out the lyrics and remembering… We had a lot of laughs during rehearsals but umm, I’d like to think you know, you know we’re a better band 25 years later. You know, we’re better performers, better singers, better players. So I think we actually do these songs better than we did back in the day you know? And I think it shows in the DVD. Now, that might just be us. We might be thinking that but I think, I think we’re able, you know, we’re older and wiser.”

Cherone also provided some good news for Extreme fans when he stated: “…now, the band will never break up. We’ll just takes hiatuses you know.”

You can hear the rest of the interview done by Rockin’ Metal Revival with Cherone below and which was posted on YouTube on December 12, 2016:


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