Extreme’s ‘Saudades De Rock’ Out On August 1st In Europe


June 16, 2008

On August 1st, EXTREME will release through Frontiers Records in Europe “Saudades de Rock”, their first studio album in thirteen years which will coincide with their first world tour in over twelve years.

The iconic rock foursome – vocalist Gary Cherone, guitarist Nuno Bettencourt, bassist Pat Badger and new drummer Kevin Figueiredo – recorded their fifth studio offering at NRG Studios in Los Angeles with Bettencourt at the helm as producer and mixer. “Saudades de Rock” boasts 13 tracks (plus one exclusive bonus track for the European edition, Americocaine demo 1985, the very first studio demo recording of Extreme) including the infectious roar of “Star,” the groove-laden, swagger of “King”, a raw funk rock anthem called “Learn To Love” and the expressive ballad “Ghost.”

“A record is what makes a band vital”, says Bettencourt. “For the fans, it’s like, ‘Show me if you still got it.’ And we’ve done that. I really think this is the best record we’ve ever done.”

Based on the enthusiasm of the rock aficionados and diehard fans that have followed the band since its self-titled debut, Extreme’s 2008 ‘Take Us Alive’ world tour is destined for success and will bring the band to an exclusive gig in Europe at Milan’s Rock of Ages Festival on September 13th. Showcasing material from the majestic new album and classics from discs like 1990’s multi-platinum, “Pornograffitti”, not to mention 1992’s critically acclaimed “III Sides to Every Story”, the members of Extreme are thrilled to be heading out on the road.

“Saudades de Rock” finds the men of Extreme excited to be back together and playing to their collective strengths. And clearly, the accomplishment is not lost on them. “It didn’t take long for us to be reminded of what we were capable of,” Cherone enthuses. “We always knew Extreme was special. We always knew it was a matter of time.”

It’s a sentiment that carries over to the title of Extreme’s phenomenal new disc. “‘Saudades’ was always a beautiful word to me,” Nuno explains. “It expresses a longing; an underlying sadness for something or someone that’s been missing in your life, and never quite sure if it will ever return. In this case, for us, it’s Rock and Roll. Saudades de Rock.”

“Saudades de Rock” European track listing includes (click song title for sample):
Comfortably Dumb
Learn To Love
Take Us Alive
Last Hour
Flower Man
King Of The Ladies
Peace (Saudade)
Americocaine (demo 1985 – European bonus track)

Full streaming of “Star” is now available at www.myspace.com/extreme

Weblinks: www.extreme-band.com / www.myspace.com/extreme / www.frontiers.it / www.myspace.com/frontiersrecords

To date, the Grammy-nominated EXTREME have released four albums, plus a greatest hits set — selling over 10 million records worldwide. On the strength of multiple world tours, they also achieved a 1 hit single, “More Than Words”– from their 1990 multi-platinum album Extreme II: Pornograffitti–on the Billboard Hot 100, which they followed with the Top Five “Hole Hearted”. Although these two acoustic hits brought the band great mainstream success, it overshadowed the band’s trademark sound: a mix of hard rock funk in the spirit and style of their predecessors Led Zeppelin, Aerosmith, Queen and Van Halen–fueled by BETTENCOURT’s signature guitar flights and CHERONE’s resonant vocals–and matched with a social consciousness in their lyrics. A career highlight came for EXTREME when Queen’s Brian May asked them to perform at the Freddie Mercury Tribute concert in 1992, which gave the band considerable credibility beyond the hard rock fraternity.

Courtesy of www.frontiers.it