EZ Thrill’s album ‘Rock-N-Roll Forever’ reissued via DDR Music Group

EZ Thrill’s album ‘Rock-N-Roll Forever’ reissued via DDR Music Group

EZ Thrill consisting of frontman Mike Bright, lead guitarist Dante Lee, drummer Kyle Virginn and bassist Jeff Zakany have had their album Rock-N-Roll Forever reissued via the DDR Music Group.

Track List for reissued Rock-N-Roll Forever:
01. Never Say Die
02. Hit & Run
03. Hellbound
04. Dance With Me
05. Hopscotch Boogie
06. Seaside Rendezvous
07. Heaven Sent
08. Take It Or Leave It
09. She’s My Girl
10. Bad Love
11. Girl Scout
12. Songs of Yesterday

The DDR Music Group‘s website indicates (with slight edits):

“Who is in the mood for an EZ Thrill?

We thought so! DDR Music Group has teamed up with the band to unleash the official 2021 reissue of ‘Rock-N-Roll Forever’.

To put it mildly these guys can flat out rip! Combining a sound comprised of thunderous rhythms, blazing guitars and melodies that rock, it’s no wonder EZ Thrill was one of the hottest acts to grace the stages of their local scene back in the early nineties.

The boys come out swinging and connect a shot to the face with the album opener “Never Say Die” and continue their metal mastery with the killer tracks “Hit & Run” and “Hellbound”. The boys lay down the groove with the infectious “Hopscotch Boogie” as well as deliver up some seriously radio friendly gems such as “Seaside Rendezvous” and “She’s My Girl”.

This is a solid metal release that will disappointed no one, whether you’re a fan of Extreme or Iron Maiden, you’ll find something to love on this record.

This CD comes packaged in an 8 page booklet with a full set of lyrics, is silver pressed and officially licensed from the band.

Get your copy today exclusively through the DDR Music Group.”

EZ Thrill‘s “Never Say Die” single: