Facepaint release ‘The Sleaze’ EP

Facepaint release ‘The Sleaze’ EP

Worcester, Massachussetts, USA based rockers Facepaint have released an EP titled The Sleaze earlier this year.

Facepaint describe themselves as follows on their Facebook page:

Deadboys drenched, KISS fueled hardrock. Real headbangers and rock to to get sleazy to.”

The line-up featured on The Sleaze is Dr. Champagne on vocals and bass, Soft Serve Steve on guitars, Jose Sucio on guitars and Shimmer Baby on drums.

Track List for The Sleaze:
01. Venom
02. Out Of Control
03. Devil’s Bride
04. Craving

The Sleaze is available for purchase on Facepaint‘s Bandcamp page.

Facepaint playing live at Geno’s Rock Club in Portland, Maine on June 2, 2017:

Facepaint 6/2/2017

Facepaint perform live at Geno’s Rock Club;Portland, Maine June 2, 2017.