Faith Circus Returns After Short Break

Faith Circus Returns After Short Break

July 24, 2010

Faith Circus Returns After Short BreakBelieve it or not, but a mere 11 months after declaring to the world they would no longer be working together, the boys of Faith Circus are BACK!! Yes! MARC FARRANO, MARIUS MORCH, BAARD NORDVIK, (and introducing NEW bass player) CHRISTER OTTESEN (ex-Popium/Flare) have RETURNED!! And to prove that this never was, and still ain’t no lame, pass time activity, they are bringing a triple threat upon the world of melodic rock!

First out will be the re-mixed and re-packaged brilliant debut album (which saw the guest appearances of Tony Harnell (ex-TNT) and other members of TNT, Stage Dolls, Return and JORN), pumped up by two bonus tracks! Namely “Heroes” and a remake of the 1981 classic James Bond tune “For your eyes only”. This time sung as a duet with the insanely talented and stunningly beautiful ROBIN BECK!! A version that is guaranteed to leave you both shaken and stirred…in a good way!

Next, as a natural continuation and celebration of their first release is the EP”5 LIVE”, which contains (Yes!…you’ve guessed it folks!) 5 live tracks,recorded last year in front of 200+ of their closest friends and fans!Both releases can be expected fall 2010.

And finally…pre-productions are well under way for a BRAND NEW STUDIO ALBUM (TBA) slated for release spring 2011!

Rehearsals have also begun in preparation for a series of gig’s planned throughout the late summer & fall!

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