Faithsedge frontman Giancarlo Floridia states 2017 has been tough year for good albums coming out

Faithsedge frontman Giancarlo Floridia states 2017 has been tough year for good albums coming out

Former Stryper bassist Timothy Gaines along with his Faithsedge bandmate Giancarlo Floridia were recently interviewed by KNAC with the duo gearing up for the next Faithsedge album.

Floridia was asked about the status of the new album to which he stated: “Pre-production. It’ll be out next year. Probably by October of next year. I just want to make sure all the songs are up to the level of the last album. This year has been kind of a tough year for good albums coming out. So I want to focus on quality of songwriting, instead of producing harder, more production, how loud can you master it, how much more can we push the digital end of it. I really want to get back to what good melodic rock once was. Good songwriting. Good band chemistry. Good drive. Everything that’s missing. Instead of just pushing it.”

When KNAC interviewer Krishta Abruzzini remarked that she had not heard many good albums so far this year, Floridia stated: “Very rough year. As a writer, you look around you. And you ask, ‘What’s working right now, what’s not working?’ I just want to focus the energy on writing a good album and having a good time recording it with the guys. Just having a good time. Kicking ass. Good energy. And since we all get along so well, I think it’s going to show in the end product.”

You can read the rest of the interview with Floridia and Gaines at KNAC.

Sleaze Roxx stated the following in its review of Faithsedge‘s last studio album Restoration: “Restoration is, for the most part, a modern melodic album with several songs worth getting into and listening to some more. I don’t know if it’s good enough to make me want to explore Faithsedge’s back catalogue, but I’ll think about it.”

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