Faithsedge singer Giancarlo Floridia’s message to Michael Sweet — call and forgive Timothy Gaines

Faithsedge singer Giancarlo Floridia’s message to Michael Sweet — call and forgive Timothy Gaines

Faithsedge frontman and band founder Giancarlo Floridia was recently interviewed by Tyson Briden for Sleaze Roxx. Faithsedge, which consists of Floridia, ex-Dokken guitarist Alex Derosso, ex-Stryper bassist Timothy Gaines, and current Mr. Big and ex-Ace Frehley drummer Matt Starr, will be releasing their new studio album Bleed For Passion on July 26, 2019.

Sleaze Roxx will post its interview with Floridia on Thursday, July 25, 2019. The following is an excerpt from the upcoming interview.

Gaines has played on the last two Faithsedge albums — Restoration (2016) and Bleed For Passion (2019) — which is around the time period that Stryper apparently fired their long-time bassist. Floridia was asked what was his opinion on the topic to which he replied:

“I know I can’t run from this question because it’s being asked in other interviews. So I might as well get my view of it off my chest without being rude to anyone. Also you have to remember Stryper is one of my favorite all-time bands. Tim is my brother and family. Stryper helped me through some hard times with their music in the past, so to see what happened really sucked. I wish Michael [Sweet] would just sit in a room with Tim and work it out. They’ve been bros for what over 30 years? From someone on the outside and a fan, it hurt the band’s name. Stryper, I thought was a good tool to help people in a positive way with their music and message. Tim’s a quiet guy so Michael, if you read this, maybe it’s time you call your brother of over 30 years and forgive. Fix it with no outside input from the people around you. Life’s too short and you guys have too much of a positive tool to help people with your music. And to all the fans that are bashing one side or the other, let’s stop! I mean, even look at the cool stuff we could’ve done together. Faithsedge can help people too. We have positive lyrics even if we aren’t a religious band but instead I get haters because I’m not Michael, etc. Tim’s remarried and is happy. Let’s all move on. The music scene is in enough trouble as it is. We need bands working together, not this mess.”

In terms of whether there’s any chance of reconciliation between Gaines and the guys in Stryper, Floridia opined: “That’s up to Michael. He can stop this whole thing and forgive Tim. This may stop the fans from fighting but it just keeps going on and on. Stryper has always had controversy but this time it’s not for the best. Look we all mess up and no one’s perfect. Call your bro, say you are sorry and start rebuilding your friendship. That is my view. If I can work with Tim, why can’t he? Tim’s been nothing but respectful and easy to work with. Zero problems with him at all and I’m proud to call him family. Stryper will always be the original four to me. It would be great to see them work it out one day. My best friend who passed away that helped me name the band, “Faithsedge”, his favorite band was Stryper. So it’s important to me that they make this right. My friend’s heart would’ve been broken by this. We will see what happens but it’s just sad to see someone who is in a way a Christian mentor to many people not forgiving his own brother. The rest is up to Michael. Let’s see what he does. The ball is in his court!”

Stay tuned for Sleaze Roxx‘s interview with Giancarlo Floridia, which will be posted on Thursday, July 25, 2019.