Fargo Strut release new album ‘Can’t Cool Down’

Fargo Strut release new album ‘Can’t Cool Down’

American rockers Fargo Strut consisting of frontman Billy Atkisson, guitarist Jeffery Turner, bassist Chad Grant and drummer Todd Slocum have released their new studio album Can’t Cool Down.

Track List for Can’t Cool Down:
01. After The Storm
02. Can’t Cool Down
03. Knock On My Door
04. My Own Thing
05. Running After You
06. Shoot Me Down
07. In My Blood
08. Eastbound And Down
09. Don’t You Wanna Go
10. Down To The River

The following message was posted on Fargo Strut‘s Facebook page back on March 31, 2020:

“Today is a monumental music day for me and Fargo Strut! After about four years of work, lots of the ups and downs, and quite a few changes in the band, the Can’t Cool Down CD is finally here!??Thanka again to Jeremy Asbrock for laying down some lead on one of the songs! We plan to have a CD release party / gig when things get back to normal in the world. If you would like to get a CD, message me or one of the guys in the band. ??????????”

Sleaze Roxx stated the following in its review of Fargo Strut‘s self-titled album: “This band is tight, no doubt about that. My guess is they blow away the live crowds, and I’d get a ticket in a second. Sure, the album production suffers. But I’m thinking about early American Dog; how they stuck to a formula and reveled in it. That’s not a bad thing. After ten or more years, I’m still listing to The DogFargo Strut have some pretty good potential, and I’m personally looking forward to whatever they come up with next.”

Fargo Strut‘s “Can’t Cool Down” video:

Fargo Strut – Can’t Cool Down – Official Video

Fargo Strut are back with their latest single Can’t Cool Down from their upcoming album!If you need a video contact us at www.luminousmidnight.com