Faster Pussycat announce new guitarist Ronnie Simmons

Faster Pussycat announce new guitarist Ronnie Simmons

Big news in the Faster Pussycat camp as the group has announced a new member in guitarist Ronnie Simmons who will apparently be replacing Xristian Simon who had a 20 year run with the band.

The following message was posted on Faster Pussycat‘s Facebook page earlier today:

“Hola amigos! We’ve got some big news, and are excited to announce a new addition to the Faster Pussycat lineup. Please help us welcome Ronnie Simmons to the pussy posse! A longtime friend and a family member of ours already, he will be playing guitar alongside Mr. Sam Bam Koltun – it’s going to be so bad ass! We are all stoked to have him aboard!

Ronnie‘s first gig with us will be January 1, 2022 at the Whisky A GoGo. This will mark our first show in Hollywood since before the pandemic shutdown, and we’ll be keepin’ a lookout for some of you good ol’ mofos we haven’t seen in a spell!

We’d also like to send a heartfelt thanks Critter for his time with us. You’ll be missed and always remain our brother. Good luck with your future endeavors, esè!

Lastly, the new shipment of “Nola” vinyl has arrived, and should be posting this week! New merch is also popping up on the site as we speak, so take a gander will ya!?

Hope everyone has a wonderful Season’s Beatins!


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