Faster Pussycat Bassist Takes A Tumble On Stage

Faster Pussycat Bassist Takes A Tumble On Stage

March 30, 2014

Faster Pussycat bassist Danny Nordahl had a rough night at the band’s March 28th gig in Marietta, Georgia.

As the band were about to launch into their hit single “Bathroom Wall”, the obviously inebriated Nordahl fell backwards in what looks like an attempt to put his head through the bass drum. Vocalist Taime Downe kept his cool and even enjoyed the ‘performance’, saying with a laugh, “fucking rock ‘n’ roll! Classic! Somebody better have fucking got that on video, cause I want it. Every morning he will wake up to it… just on a repeat loop.”

Luckily one fan at the 120 Tavern show did record footage, and you can view it below — Nordahl takes his tumble at the 1:30 mark.

The band obviously knew something was about to happen, because a replacement bassist was in waiting. Andy, from the opening band Red Light Saints, was geared up and ready before Nordahl was, literally, carried off stage.

Nordahl has been a member of Faster Pussycat since 2001. Prior to joing the band he performed with such groups as The Throbs, N.Y. Loose and Downe’s industrial project The Newlydeads.

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