Fastway And Little Angels Singer Remembers Michael Lee


November 27, 2008

Toby Jepson, current Fastway and former Little Angels vocalist, posted the following memories of former bandmate Michael Lee, who passed away earlier this week.

“I would like to extend my most sincere condolences to Michael Lee’s family at their loss.

I met Mike for the first time back in 1988/89 when the Little Angels were seeking a new drummer. We had all but given up hope of finding anyone that could do the job. He arrived last in the only clothes he owned, a pair of sticks and a huge grin; anyone who had the pleasure of knowing Mike will know what I mean. He then proceeded to play the life out of the rubbish kit we had hired for the auditions. He was so good that he actually made me laugh! It was the only honest reaction I could muster. I had never experienced raw unadulterated talent like that nor have I since; it was an incredible display that quite simply took my breath away. He was awesome to behold. He was simply one of, if not the greatest drummer of his generation. He had everything: groove, power, musical precision, technical ability, sass and he made it all look so easy.

When he left the band and went on to achieve the heights he did with The Cult, Page and Plant, Echo and the Bunnymen and most recently Thin Lizzy and Ian Gillan. We lost touch but I followed his career from a far and was sad when he seemed to have stopped playing and dropped off the radar. I know, like us all ,he had his problems and demons, but I choose to remember, and will never forget that fun lovin’ easy going lad that seemed to be about 100 feet tall…

The world has lost a true musical genius and a wonderfully eccentric character. It was a privilege to have worked with him. RIP”

Toby Jepson

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