Fat Chick Tribute Album Cover Art Revealed

Fat Chick Tribute Album Cover Art Revealed

July 6, 2010

Fat Chick Tribute Album Cover Art RevealedSplitScreen Entertainment has revealed the cover art of its upcoming tribute album “WHOLE LOTTA LOVE: An All-Star Salute To Fat Chicks.” Inspired by the art of 19th century painter William Rimmer, the album cover is based on his most famous work, Evening (The Fall of Day). In place of the winged male in the original is a classically Rubenesque female figure, gracefully floating over a tranquil seascape. The new rendition was created by eminent pop artist Les Toil, known for his bold and beautiful “big girl” pin-up art (as well as concert posters for the likes of Tori Amos and Alanis Morissette, and cover art for albums featuring NOFX, Green Day and Blink-182). In addition to serving as the cover of the tribute, the new artwork is also being offered on posters and T-shirts available from SplitScreen Entertainment.

“To complement such a unique project as this, the cover art needed to be absolutely perfect,” reasons SplitScreen Entertainment founder A.J. Confessore. “I wanted to reference an iconic and evocative image, replacing the central figure with a larger woman in a classy and tasteful manner. After months of trying to come up with just the right idea, it finally hit me like a bolt out of the blue! This vision was ultimately given form by the endlessly gifted Les Toil, who rendered our angelic ingenue with due serenity and poise (while also striking that delicate balance between parody and homage). In the end, I hope this image will resonate with fans in the rock and plus-size communities alike.”

“Passive and subtle were never qualities that attracted me to rock & roll,” adds artist Les Toil. “Apparently the same can be said for my appreciation of the opposite sex. I want a fat bottomed girl. A whole lotta Rosie. A big-legged woman who does (or doesn’t) have soul. In other words, I want a whole lotta love!”

As previously reported, “WHOLE LOTTA LOVE: An All-Star Salute To Fat Chicks” is a musical homage to the big, beautiful women who make the rockin’ world go ’round. The tribute will feature all-new recordings of popular songs praising the fuller female figure, originally made famous by some of the biggest names in rock and pop music. These anthems to abundance will be performed by renowned rock & rollers from yesterday and today, along with a select few rising stars. In direct opposition to the “no fat chicks” mantra espoused by some, “WHOLE LOTTA LOVE” will be a star-studded celebration of large and lovely ladies. Songs confirmed so far include Queen’s arena rock classic “Fat Bottomed Girls” by L.A. Guns singer Phil Lewis, with guitarist Paul LaPlaca and drummer John Macaluso. Also on tap is a high-octane version of the AC/DC concert staple “Whole Lotta Rosie” by Rufus Fontain, featuring Cinderella guitarist Jeff LaBar and original Jackyl vocalist Ronnie Honeycutt. The Poison chart-topper “Unskinny Bop” is ably recreated by party rock outfit Evick, featuring members of the Bret Michaels Band. And the bass-heavy Spinal Tap dirge “Big Bottom” is given a 6-string revamp by Twisted Sister guitarist Eddie Ojeda and his Band of Steel. Plus-sized songstress Celisa Stratton brings all-new meaning to the title track “Whole Lotta Love” by Led Zeppelin, in conjunction with veteran Quiet Riot drummer Frankie Banali and guitarist Alex Grossi. Additional artists and track listings will be announced as they are confirmed. Samples of all tracks are available at the official “WHOLE LOTTA LOVE” MySpace page – www.myspace.com/WholeLottaLoveTribute.

“WHOLE LOTTA LOVE: An All-Star Salute To Fat Chicks” is scheduled for an August 31, 2010 release and is now available for pre-order directly from SplitScreen Entertainment. The first 500 pre-orders will receive a free instant digital download of “Fat Bottomed Girls,” as well as a bonus mini-print of the cover art upon delivery of the album. Further details can be found at the SplitScreen Entertainment website – www.SplitScreenEntertainment.com.

Courtesy of www.sleazeroxx.com and www.SplitScreenEntertainment.com