Fatal Smile Searching For New Drummer

Fatal Smile Searching For New Drummer

June 28, 2010

Fatal Smile Searching For New DrummerFATAL SMILE is searching for a drummer in the Stockholm area that’s got what it takes and who’s 110% dedicated to Rock’n Roll – ready to tour the world! The band has made the following statement:

“Due to Zteff’s personal situation he is not able to dedicate his life to the craziness of a touring band anymore.We have spent three glorious years together, months at a time in a bus, shared thousands of miles, beers and many gallons of booze!He has never missed a beat or a gig and will be greatly missed by all in the Fatal camp!

So, now we’re looking for a new member of this mayhem we call our band!These are not easy boots to fill: The guy we’re looking for is a hungry, ambitious and a crazy hard-hitter with the attitude and presence of a Fatal Smile, who enjoys spending his time on the road, in a bar and behind the drums – our drums!”

The one who helps find this monster will be honored with a finder’s fee: his first interview as a Fatal Smile!

Please send a video, photo and a web/MySpace link & info about yourself to: info@fatalsmile.com

Courtesy of www.sleazeroxx.com and www.fatalsmile.com