Fatal Smile Unexpectedly Break Up Days Before New Album Release

Fatal Smile Unexpectedly Break Up Days Before New Album Release

April 11, 2014

With a brand new album slated for release on April 25th, Fatal Smile shocked their fanbase by announcing the band had broken up.

“At some point in your life you’ll have to ‘kill your darlings’… and it’s with a heavy heart I have to inform you that I’m laying my dear band Fatal Smile to rest… in peace,” said guitarist Yuksel Unutmaz, aka Mr. Y.

Fatal Smile had just hit the road with Shameless to promote their upcoming album ‘White Trash Heroes’ (the group’s fifth studio release), but after a single show in Munich, Germany, the Swedish rockers were finished.

“I sure know it’s really bad timing with a new album to be released and we just kicked off our first show of the tour last nite and I’m really sorry for letting the fans down that have bought tickets for the shows,” continued Mr. Y. “But at a certain point in life you’ll have to make decisions if things are really worth doing it? I have come to that point when the answer is no, it’s no longer worth sacrificing everything in my life, my heart and soul just to keep the ‘FS-train’ rolling…”

“It’s been an epic journey since I started the band back in 1995 and I had a blast doing it and ‘living the dream’,” concluded Mr. Y. “A million thanks to all of you for your endless support and love during those ‘Fatal years’ and thanks to all the band members during this time. I will sure keep writing and playing music, that’s for sure!!!”

‘White Trash Heroes’ was produced by Mr.Y, engineered/recorded by drummer Philty and mixed by the two of them together, but just a few weeks ago Philthy left the group. The song “Hip MF” features a guest appearance by W.A.S.P. guitarist Douglas Blair and additional backing vocals on the album was done by Paul Sabu.

With the demise of Fatal Smile people began to wonder if Shameless’ European tour would be cancelled, but bassist Alexx Michaels assures the shows will continue. “Shameless doess not cancel any shows. We never did and never will. So all shows will go on without Fatal Smile. Any other posts or rumors are just wrong and total bullshit.”

Courtesy of www.sleazeroxx.com