Felony Case release debut EP ‘Strangers Give More’

Felony Case release debut EP ‘Strangers Give More’

Greek hard rockers Felony Case consisting of lead vocalist Faidra Potsika, bassist Antonis Adam, drummer Vaggelis Goulas, guitarist George Gousias and keyboardist Alexandros Papanastasiou released their debut EP Strangers Give More earlier this month.

Track List for Strangers Give More EP:
01. Still Not Me
02. Strangers Give More
03. Whiskey Night
04. Let Me Go Love

Felony Case‘s “Biography” on their Facebook page indicates in part (with slight edits): “Felony Case is a hard rock band from Ioannina, Greece. You may know them as Wild Drive, but they changed their name in order to mark a new beginning after the recent change in their line up. Since their formation, in March 2015, they have rocked the house in a number of local events with their steady beats, fast paced solos and their energetic performance. Their covers include many of the great bands of the 80s, like Rainbow, Scorpions, Guns N’ Roses, KISS to name but a few.”

Felony Case performing track “Strangers Give More” live in Ioannina, Greece in October 2018:

Felony Case – Strangers Give More

This is the title track from our upcoming demo EP “Strangers Give More”. It was recorded on April 2019. The video is from our live performance at Ioannina, O…