Female rockers Thundermother taking break to reconsider where band heading

Female rockers Thundermother taking break to reconsider where band heading

Is another Swedish band about to call it quits? Thundermother have just issued a short message via their Facebook page advising that they are taking a short break to reconsider where they are heading.

The following short but succinct message was posted on Thundermother‘s Facebook page earlier today:

Thundermother will have a short break now because we need to reconsider where the band is heading. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

We come back to you with future updates. Rock on!”

One wonders whether Thundermother will ultimately take the same route as their swedish counterparts Crucified Barbara. The latter all female group called it quits in mid-June 2016 and the band’s lead singer Mia Karlson resurfaced shortly after playing a much mellower acoustic brand of music.

Thundermother have not called it quits but their singer Clare Cunningham has released a self-titled solo EP consisting of four songs that at times are quite different from the brand of rock n’ roll played by Thundermother on their two studio albums Rock ‘N’ Roll Disaster (2014) and Road Fever (2015). Only time will tell on whether Thundermother will be continuing in the future and if so, what direction that they will be taking.

Thundermother‘s “It’s Just a Tease” video:

THUNDERMOTHER – It´s Just a Tease (Official Video)

CLASSIC ROCK/ROCK N’ ROLL / THUNDERMOTHER – It’s Just A TeaseSupport us, buy our music directly:https://thundermother.bandcamp.com/http://despotz.bigcartel….

Clare Cunningham‘s “Ride On” video:

Clare Cunningham – ‘Ride on’ cover (Music Video)

‘Ride On’ by Jimmy MacCarthy. Sung and performed by Clare Cunningham.Recorded : Low Medium High Records Studio (Stockholm)Music video : Matthew Kelly. Locati…

Clare Cunningham‘s “Diary” song:

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