Fenrik Lane To Release ‘317’ On MelodicRock Records

Fenrik Lane To Release ‘317’ On MelodicRock Records

August 9, 2010

MelodicRock Records announces the signing of Norwegian modern melodic pop/rockers Fenrik Lane for the physical world release of their new album “317” (three-seventeen) on September 17 (September 10 for pre-orders at www.melodicrockrecords.com).

Fenrik Lane originate from Bergen, Norway. They have been playing together since 1997, making their debut in 1998 with the single “Shoe”, the result of coming first place in a rock competition. In 2002 they released the independent EP “Come Down Here” which sold an amazing 20,000 copies in their native country — a result of constant touring and an acclaimed energetic live show.The band’s original vocalist was Kurt Nilsen — who entered and won Norwegian Idol, later going on to take the big price in World Idol late in 2003. Kurt then quit the band to continue his solo career.

Fenrik Lane became a trio, with guitarist Knut Glesnes taking over as lead singer, displaying a compelling and unique style of his own.In 2005 the band released their first full album, “Lane of Life”. This time the band really wanted to sound like a trio with no additional effects. After years of hard work brainstorming every idea, Fenrik Lane has now released their second full album titled “317”.

This magnificent record contains powerful modern rock and energetic pop. The band has experimented with creative arrangements, and the outcome is an exceptional recording with a unique and rich sound. The album also includes an intense rock-version of Rihanna’s Russian Roulette.

MelodicRock Records owner Andrew McNeice: “These guys approached me with a view to get their planned indie release to me for review. They included a couple of rough mix MP3s and I was immediately captivated. The quality was so seriously good I immediately asked them if I could get involved. To my good fortune things have worked out great with the guys and I am taking on a personal challenge to try and break these guys anywhere I can get attention for them.Production quality is nothing short of major label and there isn’t one song on the album that couldn’t be a potential radio single. It’s a more modern slant than some might expect for the label, but there is no denying each and every song has a defined and memorable chorus. Simply too good too ignore, I love these guys.”

The new single to be released is the ultra-catchy rock anthem Diamonds In The Waste, which will also be featured on the new MelodicRock.com CD Sampler: Forces of Dark & Light (out September 10).

Former singer Kurt Nilsen states: “I’m certainly looking forward to hearing the final result of what the boys have done. I’m sure it will be great!”

Fenrik Lane are: Knut Glesnes – Lead Vocals, Guitar; Christer Unneland – Drums, Backing Vocals; John Erik Soltvedt – Bass, Backing Vocals, Piano.

Track Listing for “317”:
01) Megalomania (Preview MP3)
02) Call Her Name (Preview MP3)
03) Diamonds In The Waste (Preview MP3)
04) Paranoia (Preview MP3)
05) Runaway Car
06) Cover Your Eyes (Preview MP3)
07) Left Me Scarred
08) Hot Lips (Preview MP3)
09) Bulletproof
10) Hello
11) Going Nowhere (Preview MP3)
12) Hate How You Say Goodbye
13) Sun Explodes
14) Russian Roulette

WebLinks: www.fenriklane.com / www.myspace.com/fenriklane / www.melodicrockrecords.com

Courtesy of www.sleazeroxx.com and www.melodicrockrecords.com