Fifi LaRue Seeks Female Fans And Groupies


January 3, 2009

“The Gothic Killer Clown Of Rock n’ Roll!” FIFI LARUE is seeking hot female fans and female groupies to be followers for of their Gothic Heavy Metal Rock Group. Contact the band through

You can watch Fifi LaRue’s latest video at:

Fifi LaRue female fans and groupies conditions:

You must be a crazy female! With all kinds of problems and with all kinds of things wrong with you! Please don’t e-mail us that you’re “perfect” and have “nothing wrong with yourself” cause that will be “lying” and we don’t like “liars”. So, if you think you fit these type of kinda women that we are looking for examples like: famous models, famous actresses, hot female strippers and hot female pornstars, then you’re exactly what we are looking for as a FIFI LARUE female fan!

If any of you hot chicks would like to go out with “The Great FIFI LARUE” please send a 100 word essay telling us why you think you would be a great girl for FIFI LARUE to go out with? Also, please include 3 references letters and please send 3 pics of yourself including one nude pic, ha! All female women must have clean straight teeth, have real nice long hair and must have very good hygiene, and please “No Birth Defects!” Also, and you must love… “CLOWNS”

Pre-requisite: All women should be naturally beautiful and should not need to wear more make-up than me… I don’t want you to hide your beauty! But, if you look better in make-up please wear it! I don’t want any suprises…

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