Fighter V announce new singer Emmo Acar but lose two additional band members

Fighter V announce new singer Emmo Acar but lose two additional band members

Swiss melodic rockers Fighter V continue to undergo some major line-up changes as they have now found a new singer (Emmo Acar) to replace Dave Niederberger but they are also losing guitarist Marco Troxler and bassist Luca Troxler. This leaves drummer Lucien Egloff and keyboardist Felix Commerell as the remaining band members who were part of Fighter V‘s debut full-length album Fighter that was released back on October 11, 2019.

The following message was posted on Fighter V‘s Facebook page earlier today:

“Singer Announcement! 🔥

You had to wait long enough, but finally we can introduce you to our new singer. He loves melodic rock more than anything and brings a mountain of experience. Whether with his own songs or as a Whitesnake Tribute, he has already performed on countless stages of Europe. So get ready for a bundle of energy with an insatiable passion for music.

With great enthusiasm, we introduce you to our new frontman Emmo Acar. Of all the candidates, he was the one who knocked us out of our socks all the way.

We look forward to the future together and can’t wait to be on stage with Emmo and record the first fat productions in the studio! 🎶

We would also like to thank you very much for the many encouraging and understanding words. Your support means incredibly much to us and strengthens us tremendously during this time! ❤️

Two days ago, Fighter V announced that guitarist Marco Troxler and bassist Luca Troxler are leaving the band as the duo has found it too difficult forging ahead without lead vocalist Dave Niederberger, who announced that he was leaving the group about four months ago due to ongoing vocal problems.

Fighter V is reshaping.

It is with great regret that we have to inform you that Marco and Luca have decided to leave Fighter V. We know how difficult this decision has been for them and how personal their reasons are. Therefore, we would like to leave the word to them without much advancement.

Statement Marco & Luca:

Unfortunately, in the last couple of weeks we have had to realize that the ′′ aftershock ′′ of Dave‘s decision has gotten us harder than we initially thought. We were primarily just five very good friends, who made music together and mostly over a period of more than 12 years. Having to replace this suddenly felt somehow stranger to us from application to application – to a point where we had to find out with heavy hearts that our fire for this band had gone out.

Our highest standard was always the fun of music. Because that’s where we had the energy to make every live concert an experience for us and hopefully for you. We don’t want to share in the cause half-heartedly and rather release our space for someone who is a fire and flame for this project.

Unfortunately, certain things in life are beyond our control, but where something ends, there is room for new. Not just for us but for Fighter V. We admire Lucien and Felix for how determined they embrace this situation and give their all to continue pursuing their passion. We wish them all the best and success from the bottom of our hearts!

We will also not be leaving Fighter V overnight – of course we will support the two in the coming weeks to present you with an enthusiastic, new line-up as soon as possible.

Love & Peace, Marco & Luca

Statement volume:

Even though it’s very difficult for us to let Marco and Luca go, we can understand their decision. The exit from our three close friends has kept us very busy these past few weeks and has also raised some questions. Although this time wasn’t easy for all of us, it was clear that our enthusiasm and passion still drives us to give our all to move Fighter V forward.

We are so incredibly grateful for this opportunity that we have been given thanks to you loyal fans and can barely limit our anticipation for the upcoming shows. That’s why it’s clear to us that we won’t give up on our dream. We’re doing everything possible to bring Fighter V back on stage with a new formation and hopefully get you excited with new songs soon. With matching musicians we are already talking and will decide in the next few weeks who will fight with us the future of Fighter V.

Surely the next time will bring some change, so we are all the more excited to have found a suitable frontman who embodies all that matters to us at Fighter V. So rest assured that the energy-charged shows, our passion for this music and the proximity to our fans will always remain a part of this band.

Even though today is characterized by sad news, we would like to end the week with positive news and therefore introduce you to our new singer this Sunday.

Felix & Lucien

Fighter V‘s “Into The Night” video: