Filippa Nässil cryptically suggests having been mistreated & abused by ex-Thundermother bandmate

Filippa Nässil cryptically suggests having been mistreated & abused by ex-Thundermother bandmate

It is now seemingly the turn for Thundermother guitarist Filippa Nässil to speak out and give her side of things on what apparently caused her to split up from three quarters of her band’s line-up earlier this year.

Back on February 2, 2023, Nässil made the shock announcement that singer Guernica Mancini, drummer Emlee Johansson and bassist Mona Lindgren were no longer in Thundermother anymore and that she had already found two replacements in lead vocalist Linnéa Vikström and returning bassist Majsan Lindberg. At that time, Nässil didn’t provide any details on why this was occurring. On the other hand, Mancini, Johansson and Lindgren stuck together and announced that they were forming another band (now known as The Gems) while citing that the catalyst that caused them to depart Thundermother was when Nässil had reportedly and unilaterally decided to replace Mancini with a new singer. Mancini has indicated that this situation took place behind her back.

Nässil appears to give her side of the story now although she does not use any names. The following message was posted on Thundermother‘s Facebook page earlier today:

“Posted @withregram • @filippanassil

Over the past year, I’ve taken a stand for myself and others who have suffered through a toxic relation, whether it is from a friend, relative or a lover. Such behavior is unacceptable and should always be fought, no matter where or with whom it happens.

The last few months and years have been challenging for me personally, who have been at the hands of such mistreatment and abuse.

It was challenging and I did everything within my capacity to address it. Unfortunately, the person involved refused to attend two separate meetings to get to the bottom with this. My efforts to resolve the issue were ignored. I honestly had to resolve this for my own mental health. I let her go after that since she didn’t show any interest in solving the issue. In the end I didn’t even like my job.

I even hired an expert to mediate, but communication was non-existent. This experience was mentally draining, and I struggled to overcome it.

I’ve encountered a lot of nonsense recently in media, and I commend all the strong women who possess integrity, kindness, and empathy towards others.

For those who know me, you’re aware of the truth. And those who met us together, you probably know too. No one should be around that kind of energy and I feel happier now. Let’s be kind to each other and spread peace and love. I am humble and thankful for what’s given to me. And I’m thankful for everyone who is supporting what’s right. I’m thankful for people who is thinking before judging. Thank you.

Strong woman of the world, today is our day.

Take no bullshit and work hard.


#womansday #integrity #benice #humble #grateful #happy”